Lara just can’t win

As far as the Sydney media is concerned, Lara Bingle just can’t win. In a bitchy little piece on the back of today’s Sydney Morning Herald, Andrew Hornery writes:

Bingle Bungle
Lara Bingle strikes again. The Bingle has been getting her texting skills in order for her gig as guest blogger for Harpers Bazaar during Australian Fashion Week, which kicks off on Monday. Yesterday morning she Tweeted: “Madonna’s love of Ed Hardy remains one of the great mysteries of our time.” PS pointed out to The Bingle that perhaps she should reconsider the Tweet, as it was her agent, Max Markson, who launched the Ed Hardy label in Australia several years ago, calling up reporters with lame sightings of D-grade celebrities pretending to buy T-shirts. The Bingle is yet to respond.

Oh, where to start? Lara gets called The Bingle (ooh, how clever of The Hornery, not to mention the headline, Bingle Bungle – gee, how original), then we have ableist language, and mocking her role as guest blogger for a respected fashion mag. Laughing at people who wear Ed Hardy t-shirts is a well-established meme, so it’s not even worth commenting on that. But had Lara said something positive about the brand, no doubt The Hornery would have given her shit over it, saying she only said that because of Markson. Gimme a fucking break.

(Yes, I’m ignoring the front page story about whether or not a woman in skinny jeans can be raped. Again, gimme a fucking break.)

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