Asylum seeker bashing

In today’s Sydney Morning Herald: Costly exercise: asylum seekers’ private jet flights cost $5.6m.

Damn those asylum seekers and their expensive joy flights in private jets, paid for by us, the long-suffering taxpayers, and I bet they’re all Muslims too… oh wait, that’s not what the story is about:

THE federal government is spending millions of dollars on private VIP jets to fly asylum seekers between Australian detention centres.

Private and VIP. Bit of overkill there.

Then blah blah blah, and this:

It was reported yesterday that the government had awarded the Palms Motel in Brisbane a $1.2 million contract to house family groups of asylum seekers.

Asylum seekers in a motel? That’s outrageous! Quick, someone hand me my Indignation Hat so I can wear it when waving around my Asylum Seekers Bashing Stick.

The story is about the Federal Government hiring private planes to move asylum seekers between detention centres. THAT is the story. Why are they moving them around? Is there a cheaper way to move them? But no, even the SMH loves to play News Ltd’s stick-the-boot-into-asylum-seekers game.

Some facts about asylum seekers, thanks to GetUp:

* Australia does not take its fair share of refugees – we’re 20th out of 44, and look how bloody huge and wealthy we are. If you look at GDP, we’re 26th;
* 85-98 per cent of those who arrive by boat are found to be genuine refugees;
* Asylum seeker numbers today are low compared to 2001 (interest rates were higher too, but that doesn’t stop people having a whinge about them now);
* Temporary protection visas did little to stop people claiming asylum in Australia;
* Seeking asylum in Australia is not illegal, so therefore asylum seekers are not “illegal immigrants”.

12 responses to “Asylum seeker bashing

  1. Ah GetUp – gotta love em

    • You know, I do. They’re powerful, and fit my bleeding heart lefty nature. The figures from UN and Government reports.

      Have you seen Abbott’s offensive anti-asylum seeker ads? Oh my fucking god. Apparently we’re being attacked, inundated, swamped by “illegals”.

  2. I felt eveer so slightly bad that in between my indignation you nearly made me wet my pants in the library at uni – “Quick, someone hand me my Indignation Hat so I can wear it when waving around my Asylum Seekers Bashing Stick.”

  3. What fucks me of is that its cheaper to house asylum seekers in the community than in detention centres… a point seemingly lost on conservo types

  4. Also the really shitty legal appeals system: for example gay Iranian man was disbelived by the MRT who ruled he couldn’t be gay because he had no idea who Madonna was and another Iranian man who was told he would be safe if he went back to Iran as long as he didn’t tell anyone he was gay…


  5. sorry but that Iranian gay thing is almost (almost) laughable. Anyway surely for acceptance in Oz they should have asked him about Kylie 🙂

  6. Full Transcript of this case here:

    I love Kirbs: “I mean, Madonna, Bette Midler and so on are phenomena of the Western culture. In Iran, where there is death for some people who are homosexuals, these are not in the forefront of the mind. Survival is.” and also: “It leaves one a little disquieted. I mean, this is a serious question and it is a serious question as to whether the applicant is a homosexual and whether this is merely something he has invented to secure refugee status and it is a very proper thing for the Tribunal to examine that, but one feels disquieted that it is then examined by reference to André Gide, Oscar Wilde, Alexander the Great, Madonna and other such considerations. It rather suggests that the Tribunal has lots of stereotypes going around in its mind and is not addressing the very serious question of the status of homosexuals in Iran.”

    Also Gummow J: “What sort of training do these people get in decision making before they are appointed to this body, Mr Solicitor?” (in reference to the Migration Review Tribunal)

  7. Another thing they forget – Visa applications – inlcuding TPVs – actually netted the government about $700 million dollars in 2007/2008.

    Immigrants – “illegal” or otherwise – don’t cost us money. We’re making a profit off them.

    • Hi Keri, welcome to Nipples. The other way the Coalition made a shitload of money from asylum seekers is by sending them a bill for their time in detention. Which for some people was years and hundreds of thousands of dollars. How do you even start a new life in a new safe country with a bill like that over your head?

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