2001: A racist odyssey

Ok, so the pun on the title didn’t really work, until I remembered that the sequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey is 2010: Odyssey Two, and what we have here folks is a wonderful piece of synchronicity, with two federal elections run on racism. Oops, sorry, “illegal immigration” – which doesn’t exist, by the way, because it’s not illegal to go to another country and claim asylum.

Fuck, this place has become The news with nipples and Tony Abbott, and apologies Lexy but I really have to blog about him again:

I’m going to ignore the fact that while he goes on and on and on about “real action” he has so far not offered any “real action”. There’s a vague threat to cut public service jobs and stop boat people – because that’s what Jesus would do – but why let details get in the way of a good scare campaign?

I get the feeling that between now and the federal election, Australia is going to get ugly again. We don’t need Pauline Hanson and One Nation anymore, because the new racism – cultural intolerance – is now perfectly acceptable and perfectly mainstream.

Thing is, I reckon that most people talking about foreigners being bad for social harmony aren’t even aware that it is a form of racism. And I also suspect that many of the commenters on news websites saying “oh, won’t someone think of the water crisis, and the housing affordability crisis” are using these issues as a cover for their desire to keep non-whites out. Seriously, if you’re that worried about water resources then start lobbying very fucking loudly for an end to flushing our toilets with drinking water. If housing affordability bothers you (and I say this as a renter with little chance of having a mortgage before I’m 45, if ever, probably never), then lobby even louder for a limit on the number of investment properties someone can own. How many houses do you really fucking need?

Anyway, to end on a lighter note – and before I get even more incoherent – I simply must include this:

40 responses to “2001: A racist odyssey

  1. Real action! Against dem scary ILLEGALS and their red labelled arrows of doom!

    Tony Abbott – a rather slow, cunning linguist?

  2. “apologies Lexy but I really have to blog about him again”

    I know the feeling. He really is “the gift that keeps on giving!”

  3. grrrrrrrrr. did you see Kerry O brian tear him apart and then laugh it him, that was sweet

    • It was indeed very sweet. Particularly the look of amused disbelief on Kerry’s face. And people think Abbott is leadership material? Bwah ha ha ha ha.

      • ps the press is all over this today. brilliant.

        • Which is good. But AAP just filed a story about readers on dailytelegraph.com.au and smh.com.au liking Abbott’s honesty. About being dishonest. Oh, the delicious irony!

          • What was with all that bullshit about being ‘fair dinkum’ cant people see what a contrived “straight from the Howard colloquial rhetoric dictionary’ response that was. I was already off work feeling sick and that made me feel worse!

          • and, and, and, and while I am wearing my ranting pants, 1) how can no one see that a potential PM that opens his mouth without thinking (Ok he cant always consult first fair enough) and says foolish unconsidered things is a very dangerous thing. It is hot heads that cause wars, start scandals, riots and sour diplomatic relations through foolish remarks. Loose lips sinks ships and all that. 2) WHY is the media still giving him such a soft ride. It was appalling that he admitted that he lies and says that you can only trust the spin provided to him by others to be a mouthpiece. (carefully crafted whatever bullshit). Surely he cant just keep saying ridiculous things and then repenting his sins 24 hours later and everyone says oh that is Ok – that thing about gays or aboriginal people or women doing the ironing etc lets just pretend I never said it. The nation is not his confessional. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR

            • Actually, I think this is the first time since he became Opposition Leader that the media hasn’t given him an easy ride. His non-gospel-truth truth was the biggest story all day yesterday, as it should be. Perhaps, hopefully, the media has finally realised that this guy IS the Opposition Leader so he should be held to a higher standard than in his previous role as Howard’s attack dog.

              • yeah it was front and centre in the press but the approach was very light hearted all very ‘he he he, guess what folks…politicians lie, oh well we know that and anyway he’s just a straight shooter’. Then they show clips of the ‘public’ – nice old ladies saying ‘ oh I like him, he shoots from the hip”..this is NOT a good thing people wake up! it means he is not strategic and just reactive and this is why he is fickle and this is why he will always do and say the wrong things and have no long term plan

                • dude doesn’t anyone in this country have any firearm knowledge at all?! shooting from the hip = way to lose control of your gun.

                  gosh golly!

                  • Oh you can shoot from the hip in order to lay down some suppressing fire, now Mr Abbott is taking well aimed and controlled shots….at refugees, (low level) debt, wimmin etc.

                • True. But that’s all I’ve come to expect from the media. I just gave a presentation at uni about this, and since it’s my blog, I’ll quote myself:

                  People learn about their political and social world through the media. If their understanding of political issues is reduced to Kevin Rudd eating ear wax, Tony Abbott telling a journalist about his daughters’ virginity – which is pretty creepy – or Steve Fielding not being able to spell fiscal, then how does that help people when it comes to elections?

                  And if journalists aren’t performing their role as watchdogs, to tell people when governments and businesses are being dodgy, then why have journalists at all?

                  Ah, I’m pretty fond of the sound of my own voice.

                  • Any chance you’ll be posting the whole thing sometime? It looks interesting especially as now I’m being ‘retrenched’ I am seriously considering studying journalism.

                    • Are you being retrenched with a nice big cheque?

                      Sorry, I can’t post it online – I had some bullet points on a piece of paper and made it up as I went along. Everyone else read from well-prepared notes, so I’m sure my mark will reflect my ‘nah, I’ll just wing it’ attitude.

                      Not sure if I’d recommend getting into journalism…

                    • Oh ok no worries then. Would you recommend doing Journalism?
                      You’ll probably get top marks, I completely winged a presentation on a promotion course and the only thing I got marked doen on was that it went 12 seconds over time…I suppose it depends on how well you can talk shit for – I am a master of that art.

                    • Hmm, would I recommend it? There are some things I love about being a journo – calling up anyone and asking them questions, the writing, the knowledge, seeing my byline – but some other things are disappointing. There are lots of crappy jobs around, but the good ones are hard to find. People with very little talent seem to get rewarded and promoted (although I’m sure that happens in all occupations). Online news editors assume their audience is stupid. And there’s waaay more money in PR and corporate communications.

                      But you know what? It is good fun. And if it’s what you want to do, then go for it. Unless you’re straight out of high school (which I know you’re not), I wouldn’t bother with a uni degree. Just do a diploma – I think UTS offers one. All editors care about when you’re going for your first job is that you’ve had stuff published.

                • Did you see Joe Hockey getting absolutely ROASTED at the Press Club today? What a doofus.

                  • yep. sweet. i also saw him on 7.30 show handling himself slightly better than Abbott did, but hardly his proudest moment. Kerry was laughing at him and not lettign him get away with the bullshit he tried to pull at the press club. silly Libs – that was an opportunity for them to claw back the mess they made of teh budget reply but they just sort of went “phut” and then fell over

  4. by the way I dont agree with your take on limiting property ownership it is not a governments role to ‘mandate’ so heavily on what people can do with their money (despite my easlier Marxist roots). but I do think they need to roll back negative gearing and capital gains tax to inject a little more equality into the property market so that the less wealthy can get a foot in and prices readjust and become ‘more affordable’. Be a brave gov that does that tho and Rudd shyed away from it again depsite tax review recs. as you know affordability is a key area for me and there are loads of things a gov can do to help affordability without restricting freedom and capping property owenship, someone needs to be a landlord otherwise no one could rent and a viable market needs renters as well as owners.

    • Of course a viable market needs renters and owners, but there should be a limit on the number of properties someone can own. But whether that’s five, or eight, or ten, or twenty, I don’t know. Mind you, getting rid of negative gearing should sort that out, so no limit would need to be set. And that’s about the end of my knowledge on this area.

  5. If property becomes less valuable as an ‘investment’ (and this is caused by incentives, taxes etc) then people will naturally look elsewhere for ways to make money and that will make a natural cap on the market. Caps can cause as many problems as they solve – they are also not very democratic in a so called libertarian or free society (not that I am some kind of free market junky – I’m hardly Milton Friedman in my views). Anyway, its cos of the tax breaks etc that make property so attractive to investors. if you devalue property markets too much tho that has equally bad affects (as we have seen recently) so the long and short answer is….its complicated. I think yours and Is economic knowledge is still greater than the sum of Tony’s ‘parts’ 🙂

  6. but don’t you realise that he/they aren’t really racist?! they just don’t want those dirty foreign bastards pissing on the good aussie discriminatory lifestyle!

    i don’t know what the fuck i’m going to do come election time, and my comment may contain trace elements of sarcasm :p

  7. trace elements of sarcasm – I like that line.

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