David Campbell and media bullshit

Some points on NSW transport minister David Campbell having to quit because he went to a place gay men go to have sex.

* David Campbell never campaigned on family values, so it’s none of our damn business.

* Ministers are allowed to use their government cars for personal use.

* He didn’t pay anyone for sex. It wasn’t a brothel.

* Channel 7 journo Adam Walters who produced this mean-spirited gutter journalism might want to consider the ethical dilemma he has created for himself – using personal information he would have found out while being media adviser for former Premier Morris Iemma to ruin someone’s career and personal life, for a grubby little story.

* The Sydney Morning Herald is claiming a holier-than-thou position by saying Channel 7 did the wrong thing, yet at the same time splashing the story all over their front page and website. At least News Ltd sites aren’t trying to pretend they’re morally superior.

* Ditto Herald journo Andrew West, who was on the radio this morning banging on about Channel 7 being the lowest of the low. Dude, people in glass houses shouldn’t get undressed with the lights on.

8 responses to “David Campbell and media bullshit

  1. This comment in the Andrew West story is amasuming to me but only cos of the honesty of his blog name

    “Wrong again.

    The blame for this debacle rests with the Rudd/ Kenneally socialist Labor junta, and their Fairfax apologists. Businesses can’t operate in this nanny state and it’s no wonder this country’s going down the gurgler and everyone’s heading overseas permanently”….signed ‘Some git’

    as for this story – again apart from to his family, to the rest of the world its a non-story.

  2. What a crazy world we live in. Campbell seemed to the casual observer to be thoroughly incompetent, but hung onto his ministerial role – with the support of the premier – through many a fiasco. One little trip to a gay sex club has changed all that. Moral of the story – incompetence is OK, homosexuality is not.

    • Benfred, perhaps the biggest shock is that anyone’s surprised by your statement. If incompetence was career-ending, we’d certainly have some different faces in Government. In all governments.

  3. I was interested to gauge your opinion on this being a journo yourself. I have never voted Labor at a state level – the sooner this lot were gone and replaced with the Liberals/ Greens/ Democrats/ Randwick High School debating team the better – and I thought that the alleged reporter’s actions were deplorable. Frankly to secretly tail someone for dirt seems more at home in some kind of rogue state, not a decent democratic society.
    Is there some kind of association of journalists that can issue a sanction as I would fancy there would be only backslapping at seven?
    In short who cares if he is gay? The argument got trotted out (albeit very briefly) yesterday on radio redneck that he is so horrible to have done this to his wife as she has cancer etc. Sure it’s not the most husbandly of acts however what has been done to his wife – the public humiliation – was done by the media. For all we know she could have been well aware of his sexuality prior to this, in fact I would have been surprised if she wasn’t.
    The second deplorable train of thought again on radio redneck (that’s 2GB which I listen to so I have a valid excuse to swear in my car) was that he was a hopeless minister and that somehow the ends justified the means. This shows an appaling lack of tact as well as knowledge of the workings of party politics. After this dies down Mr Campbell could well return to the ministry, his family however will never live down the very public airing of their very private laundry.

    • From what I understand, the Seven newsroom was fairly evenly split between ‘he’s fair game’ and ‘absolutely none of our business’. From comments on news sites and radio yesterday, it seems no one cares if Campbell is gay, and Walters is a giant douchebag. And although Seven/Walters tried to dress it up as ‘he’s misusing his ministerial car’ (which he wasn’t), clearly Seven/Walters thinks being gay is scandalous and career-ending.

      And you’re absolutely right that the public humiliation being caused entirely by the media. Even those websites/papers that made a big deal about saying how low Seven is, while at the same time milking the story for all it’s worth.

      As for sanctions, well, there’s nothing really. The Press Council is pretty toothless.

      • You’ve gotta love David Penberthy’s rubbish on the Punch. David Campbell’s sexuality deserved to be outed like this because to paraphrase..
        1. He is a public servant (like thousands of others)
        2. Because he wields ‘enormous power’ over the rest of us.
        3. Because he pretended to be heterosexual.
        4. Because the government he is a part of are shit.
        I especially love number 3, it completely confirms that a (two-party-preferred) majority of voters in any given seat would be so backwards as to not vote for someone if they were gay.
        We have a former Mayor here in Randwick who is openly gay (as in he doesn’t pretend not to be)and is standing in Coogee next year. After he personally stepped in when the garbos neglected my bin three weeks in a row, the trucks arrived five minutes after I put the phone down. Will I vote for him because he’s gay – no. Will I vote for someone because they aren’t gay – no. Will I vote for him because he bloody well gets results – yes I am.

  4. It proves what many of us know just from walking down a public street; it’s culturally-safe to be homophobic just as it’s culturally-safe to be sexist/misogynistic.

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