I’ve started getting migraines. Actually, that should be ‘I’ve started getting the start of migraines’. As soon as I get that aura-y thing, I take a couple of nurofens and it seems to head it off at the pass.

Speaking of that aura-y thing, the first time it happened I described it to ManFriend and he quickly handed me his migraine pills. I thought it was an acid flashback. I’m disappointed that I don’t get acid flashbacks. Good times.

Each time the migraine starts, I can’t just let it happen so I know what happens, because I’ve got something to go to or do. Yesterday (aura-y number three) had to be stopped because we had ManFriend’s birthday dinner with his parental artists (I haven’t thought of a pseudonym for them yet).

I have no idea what sets it off. So, rather than exercise my google finger and end up in some depraved place of quackery, I thought I’d ask you: do you get them, what are they like, and what sets them off?

Update: How does a post about migraines end up at synchronised fisting as an Olympic sport?

60 responses to “fluuuurg

  1. Yes I get migraines, they start with the flashy spots across my vision and a ringing in my ears, if I don’t take nurofen straight away I end up feeling like my face is splitting in two and some small people living inside my skull are trying to dig their way out via my eyeballs… also feel completely nauseous and sometimes will chuck up… if I let them get a hold I can pretty much write off a whole day and will have a headache hangover the next one.

    Stress is the biggest thing that sets them off for me… says she who has an overdue assignment for uni, whose house looks like a Today Tonight expose, and who is anticipating the arrival of greenie bike man’s very lovely mother unit from interstate…

    Me and my sister refer to our parents as the ‘parental units’ and more specifically as “the malfunctioning mother unit”, “the absent father unit” and the “former step-father unit”.

    • Gawd lissy, that sounds awful. What joy to look forward to. I don’t think stress sets mine off. The first one was when I was watering the garden (and admiring the heaving passionfruit vine), I’ve forgotten what set off number two (ha, number two!) and yesterday I was walking home, kicking piles of leaves in the park while singing Yellow Submarine. I’ve just had a week away from my uni work because I discovered my final assignment isn’t due as soon as I was expecting, and I’ve had three weekends of being easy on the booze.

      I have an “in complete denial about her own behaviour mother unit” and a “hope everything just sorts itself out so I don’t need to get involved father unit”.

      • Sounds like your parental units and mine should get together and go bowling sometime- that’s a quote but I can’t remember from where…

    • Lissy – it is a quote from Breakfast Club – Ahhh John Hughes, how I love thee.

      • yes! God I love that movie… Judd Nelson is so hot… *drool*…really need to stop distracting myself and get on with assignment… I can watch Breakfast Club when I’m done as a reward!

  2. I actually find the aura the most painful and annoying part of the migraine. Everything beyond that is kind of… headaches and sometimes nausea, but it’s the aura that gets to me most.

    As for what causes them? I’m still not entirely sure, but I suspect computer monitors, fluorescent lights and sugar are my main triggers (which is a shame – I love computers and sugar!). That, and the oral contraceptive pill.

    • It’s annoying because I keep trying to look at it and it keeps moving around. Can rule out sugar, pill, and intense computering yesterday. Fluoro lights yes, but also big windows in the office.

      • The moving around of the flashies is very annoying but also my first clue that badness is immanent.

        How much coffee do you normally drink? Because that can be a factor… esp. if you drink a lot normally and then cut back on the caffeine…

  3. Went through a stage of getting migraines which were usually accompanied by the up-chuck that Lissy mentions. Strangely, the up-chuck relieved them. I think white wine was a trigger for them and I don’t mean an excess of…one or two glasses even. Pretty much kept me sober for several years.

    Won’t tell you how we refer to my parents.

  4. What is the aura-y thing?

    • Or this:

      It’s not quite right, but imagine it moving around when you turn your head, and the centre is out of focus.

      • Put the two together and that’s exactly what my flashies are like!

        • My first one was like those stoner posters, the one with the leaf on a crazy background. I had a big band of that craziness around the edge of my vision. Oh, and my aura-ys aren’t always on the same side.

          • neither are mine but depending on which side of my vision I’ve got the flashies on I know that my migraine will appear on the opposite side e.g flashies on left, migraine on right and vice versa…

            • Oh yeah. I hadn’t noticed that. What with my enormous experience of three. But, I have a wonderful crew of experts here.

              • 20 years of migraine experience here! I tried so many medications and none worked- Cutting out sugar (and coca cola) and going off the pill, did a lot of good for me… but yoga probably made the biggest difference- I get them much less regularly now than I did ten years ago… say once every three months, at its worst it was once every three days, but I was writing my honours thesis at the time…

  5. OD on coffee, usually the 7-8 cup of double black. starts with my left eye lid quivering like my brain is trying to signal reality to let it off the train. this is the point where i swallow a hand full of nurifun + and a liter of water. if the eye doesn’t stop twitching i know i’m in for a world of pain.

    mmmmm coffeee mmmmmmm

    • Yes! Water! Not just a glass with nurofen! But lots and lots of it!

      And yes, eye-twitching is my body’s signal that its too late to head off the migraine train at the pass, so I better find myself a bed and a bucket pronto!

  6. I used to get them. And they’d make me cry and panic which would make it all hurt so much more and my brain would explode everywhere.

    But I haven’t had one in many, many years now. I always blamed it on stress but now I wonder if it was because as an 18-year-old I was fond of staying up all night in clubs, not eating anything remotely healthy and drinking till I passed out.

    That’s not to say migraines are caused by drinking too much/eating shit etc. there are heaps of reasons why people get them. My mother has had them her whole life and has to have these pen injection things to treat them.

    Anyway I’m rambling. It sucks that you’ve started getting them. I hope they don’t stick around.

  7. Nothing to do with headaches but yep that’s me who went out with Judd Nelson when he was in Australia many years ago for a movie. It was only for a few weeks but he was a top guy, a total gentleman, nothing like his character in The Breakfast Club. Oh well, better stop thinking about Judd and get back to work. Over and out.

  8. I get them from cheap coffee and flickering light. Low sunlight flickering through trees at this time of year can do it.

    Could also be a nutritional deficiency, not sure if it is B vitamins or magnesium, would be worth googling that as it is simple to ensure good levels in your food choices or taking a supplement. You certainly don’t want to be taking high levels of paracetamol so I would suggest you get professional assistance to reduce their frequency.

  9. I get migranes, rarely and it’s usually stress related. As soon as I feel one coming on I pop 2 Neurofen Plus and hope it goes away, then i pop some more and lay down with the blinds closed. The worst migrane I had, I could see little gold stars falling when my eyes were open and when I closed my eyes it was quavery and shakey. I also had those small people trying to dig their way out of my skull. The doctor prescribed Cafergot which consists of Ergotamine (a precursor of LSD) and caffeine! My migrane went away almost instantly and I was full of energy! I always thought caffeine was bad for headaches too?

    • Helllooooo Carol! Welcome, welcome. Funny that your doc prescribed trippy stuff because you were seeing trippy stuff.

      So, the consensus is that stress brings it on, but I wasn’t stressed at all. Oh, I also had a weird dropping sensation, like I had turbulence. ManFriend says that’s very odd and he’s never heard of that happening as part of migraines. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

  10. Sounds like Migraine associated vertigo…. goes and googles: http://www.dizziness-and-balance.com/disorders/central/migraine/mav.html

    In practices focused on treating migraine, 27-42 % of patients report episodic vertigo … A large number (about 36%) of these patients experienced vertigo during headache-free periods. The remainder experienced vertigo either just before or during the headache. The incidence of vertigo during the headache period was higher in patients with aura as opposed to in those without aura.

    and guess who woke up with flashies on her eyes this morning and currently feels like she’s going to barf? That would be me… stupid academic stress… off to bed with me.

  11. Ah The Breakfast Club! My daughter is just discovering the joy of 80s teen flicks so we watched that recently. Was one of my treasured favs from that era, along with Valley Girl. Molly Ringwald gives us an excellent demonstration of the madness of 80s dancing in that movie. One of the guys in it went on to play the butthead b/f of Winona Ryder, in Edward Scissorhands.

    This is an odd thread…

  12. The dropping sensation, headaches, flashing, dizziness and nausea all sound like symptoms of vertigo, which my mum and my best mate have (although mum doesnt get nausea but my mate does). Maybe you have vertigo not migraines. It can come on later in life and has nothign to do with heights by the way.

    I worked with a woman who had chronic migraines and she had Botox injections into her brain to calm the nerve endings that caused it. If you do that can I stand near you in case their needle slips so that I get one in between my eyes where my ‘frown/quizzical look’ wrinkle is developing.

  13. I get this line between my eyes from furrowing my brow through thought, concentration or anger. My sister used to slap my forehead everytime she saw me doing it saying ‘stop it, you’ll get a big wrinkle’….she was right!

    • So you only get this wrinkle when you frown? When I squeeze a handful of my arse, you can see my cellulite. So the solution is not to squeeze a handful of my arse.

      Lexy my dear, you don’t need Botox.

  14. Mine start with a blurriness at the corners of my vision. That eventually moves into the middle, to the point where I can see three of everything. Oooh, and the ‘flashies’. Yeah, they’re fun.

    Then comes the nausea, and the feeling like someone has my head in a vice, and is slowly tightening it.

    Sadly nurofen does nothing to stop them. Caffeine will slow them down, and make them slightly less painful, but too much caffeine causes them.

    I usually lose a whole day to them, and spend the next day headachey and wan.

    One of my pet peeves is when people say “oh, I have a migraine”, when they are up and about doing things. NO! You have a HEADACHE! If you had a migraine, you’d be flat on your back in bed, moaning softly, and wishing the world would end.

    • Luckily I haven’t got to that point yet – the handful of nurofen seems to hold it back, although I can feel it trying to burst through the drugs. But I know what you mean when people use ‘migraine’ when they mean ‘headache’. I was really sick with the flu one year, lost three days to hallucinating (was by myself at the time too, so rather dangerous), couldn’t walk to the living room without sitting down for a rest half way there, and had two weeks off work before I had to drag myself back because I literally had no money (ah, cash in hand). THAT was the flu, not this pissy little ‘oh, I was so sick with the flu I had two days off work and sat around watching dvds’ bullshit.

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