Over dinner last night, SuperDik (as in his name is Richard, not any reference to any super powers he has downstairs because I don’t know and frankly, that would be weird, since he is one of my best friends) and I were talking about joy. Those friends who have joy in their lives, and those who seem to have lost it. Or forgotten it, which I think might be two different issues.

Regular readers will know I have a childlike joy with language (“ha, ha, you said box/doin’ it/period” should be familiar). I like to call it a childlike joy, but really, it’s just being childish. And I’m ok with that.

But if you don’t have joy, how do you get it?

5 responses to “Joy

  1. For me it is a crisp morning drive in my car up a winding mountain road wind in my hair (well whats left of it) and then a nice coffee after to savour the experience. Its driving with more than a touch of Zen. Sheer Joy 🙂

  2. I think some people are naturally joyous and find joy in silly things like puddles and comedy and misspelt signs etc. I also think that some people don’t have that childlike joy, not now, not previously and probably not in the future. This doesn’t make them sad necessarily but just not gregariously joyful, they may also take some enjoyment out of sardonic complaining and we mistake this as misery. Having said all that you can spot someone with joi de vivre a mile off

  3. NWN
    I know that this is a very sentimental but the best unintended joy in life comes when you watch you children as they discover the world, or when they come up and tell you that they love you, or even just from the first sip of tea on a cold morning.

    Life is far too short to let even the simple pleasures go unappreciated.

  4. ooooh Iain, that’s lovely. nothing wrong with occasional sentimentality at all…its cheap sentimentality often involving Sandra bullock that makes me hurl!

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