The perfect vagina?

SBS is showing a doco on Friday night called The Perfect Vagina. They are promoting it as:

In an age where boob jobs, liposuction, tummy tucks and botox are now commonplace it would seem that women have found a new part of the body to worry about … their vaginas.

Surgery that promises better-looking vaginas has become one of the fastest growing areas of plastic surgery and in the last year the number of vaginal cosmetic operations performed on British women has almost tripled. But many people argue that this latest trend is personal vanity gone too far. In this documentary our female author – fascinated by the fact that women will mutilate their vaginas all in the name of beauty – will go on a mission to find out why, despite still being a huge taboo, women have suddenly become so obsessed with this part of their body.

Shame they didn’t call it The Perfect Vulva, because that’s what’s getting sliced.

Seems a big step backwards from the Hungry Beast story revealing that censorship is making women feel their vulvas aren’t pretty enough.

You know, I think my vagina and vulva are perfect. They work, and they look just fine, thankyouverymuch.

19 responses to “The perfect vagina?

  1. Just did a quick Google search, and I think I might have come across this doco whilst writing an article on labiaplasty a couple of years ago – it’s old.

    If it’s the one I’m thinking of, it didn’t seem as bad as the promo makes it look, but I haven’t seen the whole thing, so I could be wrong.

  2. I would wear that T-shirt.

  3. I’ve seen the doco before. Its not bad and it gets into discussing hymen restoration which is a disturbing thing. Although the program did bring to light to me (one who hasn’t seen that many falcons close up, apart from my own) how different they all look on all ladies. Tthere was also a young girl who had an operation to trim and I could sort of understand why she did in a way (her sis is a bitch though) but I would say she is the exception to prove the rule.

    Anyway, its not easy to look at your falcon it involves mirrors and all sorts of obscure positions – so why worry about something you cant see anyway. Besides, most guys (or girls) are pretty happy to just get an opportunity to get near one on someone they like and I know of no one who has been judged as havign a vulgar vulva.

    This program sparked that discussion we had about naming designer vaginas. My suggestion was Armani punani. There was also ‘le cunt’; gucci gash and a whole host of other non PC terms that make small minded people like myself laugh

  4. What a remarkable topic of conversation!

  5. would it be remarkable if we were talking about penis enlargements or prostethic testicles for cancer sufferers? perhaps it might.

    • Actually, I was looking into prosthetic penises a while back (ha, I have a mental image of a penis telescope). Just thought it would be funny to own one. You can even pee through them.

  6. Am I alone in saying that I’m not entirely sure what a sexy Club Vajaja actually looks like? God, I just realised that the last time I looked at mine was somewhat back in the day. Which means that in my mind I’m walking around with a circa 23 year old vag. Great! Imagine if we stopped looking at our faces at 23!

    • Hi Maxabella, welcome to the Nipples. “Club Vajaja” sounds like a type of sandwich! From the porn I’ve seen, a sexy vulva is all neat and tucked in, with no protruding bits whatsoever.

      I do like the idea of a mental vagina age.

  7. Hmm yes this was def on telly almost exactly a year ago, because a discussion surrounding this program contributed the commencement of my last relationship … perhaps I could have taken this as a sign 🙂

    There is a segment where the presenter does a pussy plaster-cast. There she is, surrounded by a room full of vaginal impressions, and there is this epiphany, that there is so many different types of twat. Little bitty clits, bigger, sticky-out ones; little flaps, big flaps, hardly any flaps at all… we have this porn-ified notion of fairly neat little gashes, because maybe we don’t get to see our friends’ fannies up close very often, and a wailing flailing porn star is our only yard stick.

    • when I say we I actually meant hetero females… OOOPS – Hetero-normative assumptions anyone??

      • Well, “they” do seem to imply that it’s only het women getting bits sliced off, just like it’s only het women injecting botulism into their faces (even though I know just as many guys who do it) and getting fake boobs. Because only het women worry about their appearance (sarcasm).

  8. Yes it was an eye opening moment for me when I read in a recent Article about the reason for the manipulation of womens vulva’s in pornography (can’t now remember what the reason was just that it is routinely done for censorship reasons). I had never understood why I was so odd and had larger innner labia when all the models ever seen have none that are obvious. I can’t help thinking this is a large contributing factor to women seeking out labioplasty.

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