No, not the band, although I’ll always have a soft spot for this:

I’ve stopped listening to my mp3 player when I’m walking by myself. Not because doing two things at once is difficult (three, if you count breathing), but because when I’m singing along (sometimes out loud, embarrassing, I know) I’m not going to have any a-ha moments.

I need a-ha moments. Particularly as a blogger and research student*. We all need a-ha moments, whether it’s about holiday ideas, work problems, relationships, remembering sadness and happiness. But we’re obsessed with blocking out thought. And it is thought being blocked, because it’s hard to let your mind wander when there are lyrics being blasted into your brain at point blank range. Look around when you’re on the bus/train/ferry/walking. Almost everyone is iPodded. Including some incredibly stupid people driving cars and riding bikes with earplugs in. Idiots.

Now, I’m not anti-music. I adore music. But how many a-ha moments are being blocked?

* Oh, how I long to say academic.

10 responses to “A-ha!

  1. i get my “a-ha moments” in the bathroom, after consuming a lot of fragrant enhancements or consuming enough coffee to put my self in orbit.

    *sob* i need to get a life

    • Or perhaps a different life. My first thought this morning when the sun was finally out was ‘quick, put on a load of washing’. Followed by ‘if you’re lucky, you’ll get two done before the rain comes back’. This is not the person I want to be.

  2. I do the washing thing too, but I am OK with this because my thought is, “do the washing, get it on the line before I go out and have fun”. I just see it as part of life and that’s fine, not dull, not middle aged just a necessity like cleaning my teeth,

    As for iPods. I was very averse to them for ages cos I thought they made me less aware of their surroundings, was dangerous in traffic and I thought it stopped human interaction ( I still hold some of these views). I now have an iphone and admit that I do listen to my iPod walking home from work. I don’t find the music distracts my thoughts, including ah-ha moments I just find it provides a soundtrack to them or even sparks memories, which is lovely. But I don’t listen to the headphones religiously (although I always always have to drive to music it is more fun somehow). Many times I sit and stare out the window on the train or wander home without them. This morning someone else provided the music – an old bum on the train was playing the harmonica. It was awesome – like being on the rail road in 30’s depression era America. But you are right perhaps… if I had had the headphones plugged in I wouldn’t have had that great moment!

    • Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against headphones. I’ve just noticed that since I’ve been wearing them, I do less aimless thinking. There’s a famous quote by someone I can’t remember (so obviously not that famous…) about the brain moving at the speed of walk. I like that idea.

  3. Yes! I have been suss of them for a long time, although am presently convincing myself to get one for the gym.

    Cyclists/drivers and headphones turn me into a right nana. I feel like rousing on them all then tucking their shirttails in ; )

    • Hi Zoe, welcome to the News with Nipples! I also get the urge to pull up the trousers of young people so I can’t see their crack. One night in Melbourne I did give a young fellow such a wedgie I ripped the waistband off his undies. Mind you, they were pretty ratty anyway, so it probably would have fallen off in the wash. If they ever got washed. Luckily his mates thought it was hilarious, and didn’t feel the need to hit ManFriend. I would have defended his honour though.

  4. Oh, lurky mclurker here. Love the site.

    I think if your undies are visible, then they should be your nice ones, but hey, I’m nearly 39.

    • Why thank you very much *curtsies*. Love your pic – makes me feel like yelling “whooooops!”.

      The point at which I went from being a young person to not liking young people’s hair/fashion (ie, an old person) happened a lot earlier than I was expecting.

  5. Let’s not forget the benefits of ageing, like how amusing hipster checkout operator haircuts can be on a drear Tuesday.

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