Nipples on your face?

I’m not on Facebook, but I do occasionally post comments to friends on ManFriend’s page. After briefly flirting with the idea of twitter last year, should News with Nipples have its own Facebook page?

Whaddaya reckon?

17 responses to “Nipples on your face?

  1. yes. you can becoem my favourite group after ‘’ check out their site I love it. its abot tea and cake and sitting down.

  2. I’m on facebook. I find it mildly irritating. I’m compelled to go in there and see what all the random people I’ve met up with over the years are doing. But really, they’re never doing anything even remotely interesting. Throwing sheep at each other. Growing weird flower gardens. Letting me know their every ordinary though. Although, some of the people I went to school with (large country town) are fascinating in the way that roadkill are fascinating.

    That said, it’s great for pretending to stay in touch with people. Really lets you off the hook.

    As for twitter… I’m too anti-social.

  3. PS – Although, it might be worth it just so you could call your group ‘Nipples on your face?’!!!!

  4. or nipple face

  5. I’m a big fan of twitter these days- having finally figured it out… facebook is for family and friends… twitter is more my bloggy social networking place

  6. I’d say twitter. I’m using facebook less and less. If you want interaction, twitter’s the go.

  7. I’d say Twitter. I’m like Lissy – Facebook is for family and friends. Twitter is for my blog.

  8. tweet my nipples!

  9. Tweet my nipples – ya gotta do it!

  10. I don’t actually twitter, I just wanted to say tweet my nipples!

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