There are some sucky things about being a full time PhD student: lots of time by myself, very little money (and for ManFriend’s help, I am eternally humbled), eyestrain.

But one of the good things is being able to cook a seven-hour lamb shoulder in the middle of the week.

Ah, simple things.

Update to gloat: It’s been cooking for four hours. The house smells wonderful.

35 responses to “Lamb

  1. Sweet. We’ll be round at about 7 then 😉

  2. “Sigh,” I say, tucking into my (dryish) cheese sambo and (dryish) granny smith. “What simple pleasures are there in the corporate life?”

  3. wasting time on NWN when I should be writing a ministerial briefing???

  4. another one. I do lot of questions on notice and briefing notes. They get in the way of other things I am working on!

  5. awwww your killing me, i have world class Asian food at my door but will salivate into dehydration at the thought of a good lamb roast…….

    oh mint sauce …..

  6. grow it indoors in a pot – it is such a weed really is mint that it grows easily anywhere. I have a slug problem too, they keep finding their way towards the cat’s bowl and eating (or just sliming on) her food!

    I like that news with nipples is now cooking with nipples and no one has mentioned a vagina in at least 1000 words!


  7. sounds like a sex toy!

  8. what’s her special power? I shudder to think.

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