Offensive letters

Thankfully I missed the Andrew “I’m a racist cunt” Johns story over the weekend – ah, the joy that comes from great company, cold weather and a thousand bottles of red. Turns out Andrew “I’m a racist cunt” Johns called fellow player Greg Inglis a “black cunt”. Apparently Johns has also made racist comments about Polynesian players. But I think these two letters in today’s Sydney Morning Herald sum it up perfectly:

It’s a shame there are no women in the Blues to point out that racism was not the only form of discrimination in Andrew Johns’s remarks.
Barbara Kendall Newport

Andrew Johns used two-words to describe Greg Inglis. Why is all the outrage over the printable one?
Pip Denton Guildford

At work, instead of fuck, shit, dickhead, cunt in quotes or reader comments, we have to use f**k, s**t, d***head, c**t. So apparently uc, hi, ick, and un are really offensive letters. Now, I understand that news has a G rating (PG on certain stories), but if you allow c**t, why not just allow the entire word? Obviously readers know what the word is. They say it in their heads when they read it. It’s such a halfarsed thing to do – “ooh, we’ll allow you to swear, but we’ll take out some of the letters”. How does that make it any better?

5 responses to “Offensive letters

  1. The John’s family must be so proud – one rapist and one racist. lovely.

    disclaimer: Yes I know the matty Johns thing was not proven rape but everytime I see his show advertied I think ‘rapist prick’ – still I’m sure he thinks I’m just one of those hairy man hating lesbians, so what do I know hey.

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