Fielding shows his colours

Is there nothing those scheming aborting women won’t do to rort taxpayers? Well, that’s what Family First Senator Steve Fielding seems to think: Fielding says parental leave open to abortion rort:

The paid parental leave legislation, which is being debated in the Senate, allows for women who have stillbirths to claim the payment.

During debate, Senator Fielding raised concerns that some “drug addicts” or “welfare cheats” could deliberately fall pregnant, then have an abortion after 20 weeks and rort the system in order to be eligible for payments.

“Drug addicts and welfare cheats can go out there and get themselves pregnant and then after 20 weeks have an abortion and still pocket the Government’s cash,” he said.

Ooh, make that drug-addicted, scheming, aborting, welfare-cheating women.

Steve Fielding, I award you the Tony Abbott Budgie Smuggler award for Excellence in the Field of Misogyny.

31 responses to “Fielding shows his colours

  1. Watch out for those CHEATS and ADDICTS with their money hungry WOMBS OF DOOM.

    Little bit of a diffo between a late term abortion and a stillbirth Feilding , you twit. I think you meant miscarriage, by the way. But you know, your error is totally excused because that birthing shit’s none of your business unless its gonna cost TAXPAYERS or impinges on good solid CHRISTIAN VALUES.

    Senator Feilding, please eat my arse. Promise I won’t get knocked up or nuffin. Jesus loves you and my a-hole too.

  2. Disgusting, but not entirely surprising from Fielding.

  3. why am i not surprised…

    for the millions of families that will benefit socially and financially we have to highlight the .001% that will try to abuse the system.

    really cant see a drug addict going through the pain of morning sickness and raging hormones when there are a lot easier options to get money for drugs… hell methadone is free at any clinic….

  4. To be fair here The senate is a house of review and it is the job of the senators to think of the implications of the way that the legislation is put together. I think that scenario that Fielding suggests is most unlikely, however there have been stranger results of poorly thought out law making form this government, like who would have thunk it that the idea to put insulation into Aussie roofs would cause four installers to die and hundreds of houses to burn down??

    • I agree Iain regadring the role of the Senate, notwithstanding Senator Fielding’s remarks are ill informed and unnecessarily inflammatory

    • That’s true Iain, but if Fielding uses late-term abortions to block parental leave simply because he’s against women choosing what is right for them, I will whack him with my womb of doom.

      • My understanding is that the opposition will be allowing this bill through the senate even though they have a more generous scheme on offer for the next election so its not likely that Fielding will have a casting vote on this one anyway.

        • This is true. The Coalition’s scheme is more generous, but also more flawed. And a great big tax on big business.

          • Its rather academic for me either way My wife (who is the family bread winner) has had her children and is self-employed anyway and that meant that when we had our kids that we just had to make our savings fill the gap when our kids were born.

            • So she earns the money while you pfaff around on the internet? What a great set-up you have.

              Rent/houses/food were also cheaper back in the olden days Iain (making cheeky assumptions based on your pic), so raising a family wasn’t so financially difficult.

              • My children are still quite young (11 and 6) but the reason we don’t need that much money is that we own our place and we live simply in a rural circumstance. Once you don’t have the very big monkey of high rent/mortgage on your back you don’t have to live on “home” brand any more.

  5. Its not just misogyny its a whole raft of bizarre assumptions about people who receive Centrelink payments, or are on low incomes etc. I notice he wasn’t yelling at Howard and Costello for the baby bonus being an encouragement for bludgers and cheats and this was an un-means tested, lump-sum payment (then) not staggered payments like paid leave.

    What confuses me is how he’s made the link between a stillbirth (an incredibly traumatic experience to any parent) and 20 week voluntary abortion (and some late term miscarriages or ‘failure to thrive’ terminations may fall under this category so its not all that cut n dry Mr family Values). Also has he checked whether parents who voluntarily abort (late or otherwise) can even claim parental leave? I suspect they would not be entitled to it anyway. We don’t have the abortion clauses on health policies like they do in the US and people like him keep trying to get it on the agenda and politicised.

    This is just the Libs trying to derail another Labor policy, as I said yesterday Labor are now vulnerable to attack on every single policy initiative whether good bad or middling and cos they are wounded every nutter like Fielding gets his 15 minutes of critique.

    Just introduce the damned paid parental leave already and stop fucking women around – we have waited too long!

    • correction Fielding is not a Liberal, but he would still like a bit of policy derailing.

      I checked the policy voluntary abortions do not qualify for payment

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  7. Nips,

    I was just disgusted when I heard about this latest thought bubble from Steve Fielding.

    His remarks are not only offensive to women, but to anyone who has a thinking brain cell in their body.

    This guy has to go.

    It actually makes me sick to think that he can stand up in Parliament – funded by taxpayers – and spout such ignorant, ill-informed garbage.

    I’m actually really angry about this!!

    • I know. I like to think that those in Parliament have access to the best research and the best information about important issues, because surely that’s what they need to do their important jobs, and then Fielding goes and opens his mouth and I realise that he knows fuck-all.

      • in most cases, they have good researchers and policy advisers. But if they don’t like their advice (or it conflicts with their own pre established dog whistle opinion) then they just ignore it or don’t ask for it in the first place. People like SF and Barnabay Joyce (by virtue on sitting outside the 2 party system) have greater freedom to spout with inpunity and no one to pull them up or force them to take a party line…and frequently (although probably not in this case) they hold the balance of power on close calls.

  8. Agog. Literally agog. Not often does the ABC news have me staring at the telly gob agape, fried rice laden fork half way to my mouth, just hanging there…
    What show does that man think he is on? Jerry Springer? Wont one of those large security guys come and drag him off set? Please?

  9. I’d like to know how he thinks people can get themselves pregnant.

    Thanks for posting his email.

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  11. others have said it all – but i’ll add that the numbers of women-hating politicians in Australia scares the hell out of me. Don’t any of the good Aussie men go into politics? Or is it all pious wankers who think women are evil?

    • Hi stinginthetail, welcome to the Nipples. I think all the normal men stay out of politics because it’s filled with douchebags. Kinda like avoiding Canberra when Summernats is on.

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