Ah, that old excuse

Apparently it’s ok to say something stupid and offensive if others said it first. According to Steve Fielding, that is: Others said it first: Fielding defends abortion loophole remark:

“I wasn’t the only one to raise this issue in the Senate yesterday.”

But Senator Fielding, when pressed to name the other senators, could not come up with any names.

Normally I can’t stand Christopher Pyne, but he makes a good point:

Senior Liberal Christopher Pyne said Senator Fielding’s position defied logic because welfare recipients were not eligible for the scheme.

“That points to an attempt to gain attention to his political campaign for re-election.”

Of course, Pyne would know all about using others for political gain.

And I missed this in Fielding’s comments yesterday, but clearly Ol’ Fieldyfield is bonkers:

“It is a policy that gives money to prisoners and prostitutes but ignores stay-at-home mums and the important unpaid work that they do.”

Um, what? Is he saying that female prisoners are getting pregnant in women-only jails and having babies? That sounds pretty unlikely. And are prostitutes getting pregnant at work? That also sounds pretty unlikely. And, of course, there’s the moral judgement that “stay-at-home mums” are more important than prostitutes and women in jail for any number of reasons. Wonder how he’ll fare at the next election? As Damien “I’m the new Annabel Crabb in the SMH” Murphy points out, 99.08 per cent of Victorians didn’t vote for him.

10 responses to “Ah, that old excuse

  1. “It is a policy that gives money to prisoners and prostitutes but ignores stay-at-home mums and the important unpaid work that they do.”

    That is illogical Captain (assume Mr Spock voice). Paying a mother parental leave ensures that she is stay-at home mum (at least for the 6 months that you pay her and probably a bit longer cos it gives her an option to spin the cash out!)

    A prostitute is a woman as valuable as any other. If she has a baby she may be entitled to the ‘welfare payment’ baby bonus but I doubt she can access paid leave (and you are not allowed both!) as she cant prove her ‘legit’ income and enduring employment which is a policy requirement (although I’m all for legalising prostitution frankly).
    As you say, prisoners don’t get knocked up as a general rule. The ones that enter prison already pregnant would still have to prove 12 month ongoing employment status prior to the birth (hard if you are in gaol for 8 months and assumes you had a long term job beforehand) and this is possibly moot as you are ineligible for welfare or government payments when gaoled.

    I realise I am a policy nerd; but Mr. fielding, I find it a simple rule of thumb to read the headline policy principles before critiquing the policy!

    In my closing address I would like to draw attention to the very salient point in this whole debate, that is that Mr fielding is a nutty nut nut and 100% barking mad (with apologies to people living with a mental illness).

  2. I love a good prostitute / welfare-single-teenage mother / prisoner beat up.

  3. With regards to the women prisoners getting themselves pregnant; maybe he thinks it is that ol “Imacculate Conception” scam. Damn that unfaithful, welfare and housing cheat Mary!

    • That stable in Bethlehem was a ‘homelessness lifestyle choice’. She could have got herself a house quite easily but she preferred the no responsibilities lifestyle of stable dwelling. bludger.

  4. See this is why I had to buy myself a punching bag.

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