How to make $2 million

Sexually harass someone at work, and then quit.

At least, that’s the conclusion I’m drawing about David Jones CEO Mark McInnes quitting over “inappropriate conduct towards a female staff member”.

And of course, the hunt is on for the woman who was harassed: “unidentified staff member was 25 years old and works in the head office marketing department”.

Ah, a young woman. She’s probably hot. And asked for it. And in marketing. Well, we all know what those hot marketing girls are like. I can hear the journos salivating from here.

The company said Mr McInnes would not be entitled to any of his contractual rights relating to short term incentives or to any currently operating long term incentive or retention.

He will receive his statutory entitlements of $445,421 and a settlement payment of $1.5 million.

Mr McInnes said he would be overseas together with his partner for the foreseeable future.

Right. Make that ‘how to make $2 million and go live overseas to avoid the lawyers’.

6 responses to “How to make $2 million

  1. Of course, it’s also possible that he simply felt her up at a random meeting just that one time. Or she was in Accounts so how was she going to get some action any other way?

  2. But if she was in admin, hubba hubba.

  3. A settlement payment of $1.5m???

    I wonder if my boss would give me that if I felt up the copy boy?

    • Reb, I’d feel up ANYONE for even half that money. Seriously. Anyone want a grope? Anyone? Anyone?

      • I’d probably draw the line at Fred Nile. They’d had to offer me $3mil to “feel him up” and even then it would probably be from a safe distance, with one of those utensils that council workers use to collect syringes from the gutter.

  4. they found her – and the opening words in the SMH on her description was ‘pretty and young’ . not his fault then!

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