Guilt as a sales device

If you don’t have your car serviced by NRMA, you’re a bad parent:

8 responses to “Guilt as a sales device

  1. I noticed that same theme in some kind of health campaign ad recently – maybe something about smoking? It was along the lines of “If you thought dying of cancer was bad, think about how bad it will be to tell your kids that you’re dying of cancer, you irresponsible cow”

    • hmm, not sure I have a problem with the cancer ad actually. They need to get an anti smoking message across and how it affects not just you but your family. Having supported several close friends and family members through parents and siblings dyeing of smoking induced cancer it does have a pretty large affect on the family. Besides we are all immune these days to pictures of deformed lungs or health warnings on packets. Maybe cos of the many many instances I have been around cancer (sadly so have most peole tthese days) and the fact I am a smug ex smoker (apologies for smugness) I hold a strong view that smoking actually is irresponsible to you and your loved ones and an over burdened health system. As a libertarian though I reserve peoples right to kill themselves slowly with tabs, porn, dope or lady ga ga CDs!

      The NRMA ad is different – they can fuck right off with their guilt tripping.

  2. That ad is really weird.

    Linda – I gave up smoking not to long ago and got heaps of “your future children will thank-you” and “your children won’t have to watch you die now” and other shit like that. I thought it was odd.

  3. I think they are just referring to cars as people’s babies, so only a bad ‘parent’ to your car (not your real children!)

  4. I think that you are all reading the ad the wrong way. I think that it is saying that our cars are like our babies and that the NRMA is the best way to look after them.
    As a petrol head myself I get the message and that its not about babies or parenting per see at all.

  5. It that’s the case – can the NRMA please come over and take care of my actual babies??

  6. yeah but it is still a weird ad – giant babies are freaky!

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