He thought he was Don Juan? Well, that’s ok then

The Sydney Morning Herald has a bad case of the inappropriate Don Juans at the moment. On the weekend, the now-former David Jones CEO Mark McInness – who had to quit after someone complained about his sexual harassment – was described as A touch of Don Juan in the ladies’ department. And now this:
‘Don Juan’ HIV taxi rapist jailed: ‘I swear on my kids you are going to be shocked’

Firstly, what kind of shit headline is that?

And secondly, what kind of bullshit is this:

[Hassan] Nagi, a father of three from Bexley, who pleaded a chronic case of “Don Juanism” in court, will be eligible for parole in October 2018.

I’m sorry, what the fuck? Did his legal defence really rest on him having a “chronic case of Don Juanism”? If so, he should have fired his lawyer. I don’t know if “it’s not rape, it’s just surprise sex” is really a very good legal defence.

The victims, aged 31, 23 and 27, were raped after hailing Nagi’s cab at night. Two of them were heavily intoxicated after a night out.

Ah, they were drunk after partying so they must have deserved it just a little bit. Or else led him on so that he couldn’t help himself, what with his chronic case of Don Juanism.

The judge said while Nagi’s HIV status meant that the punishment he suffered would be greater, it was hard to quantify how much it should reduce his sentence.

That’s one way of looking at it. The other would be that his crime was greater.

Don Juan was a (fictional) legendary lover and seducer. Does this mean that journos/subs/editors at the Sydney Morning Herald believe that sexually harrassing employees, and raping customers and knowingly infecting them with HIV, is just lovemaking and seduction?

8 responses to “He thought he was Don Juan? Well, that’s ok then

  1. Sorry but I really don’t think that the sentence is adequate at all, he will be out in about four years…
    Can I suggest that a large wood chipper and a sound proof room as images to ponder?

    • The sentence isn’t adequate at all. In fact, it’s pathetic. He raped three women – there were six counts of sexual assault – he knew he was HIV positive, and he’ll be out in eight years? Disgusting.

  2. well pfft, I’m v cross about this. This is incredibly poor journalism and court debate. I shall try and be succinct in my disdain.
    Rape is not seduction or romance..it is rape.
    intoxication of victims (unless ‘a Mickey’ is used, which is an added layer of intent) is irrelevant
    Rape by an aware HIV+ perp is akin to attempted to murder and therefore should not result in a lighter sentence
    oh and my personal favourite “Nagi’s lawyer said he had been diagnosed with “a man’s equivalent of nymphomania”

    Don’t get me started on ALL the issues wrong with the term nymphomania and its sole connection to women (its ok for a man to be horny but if its a woman …no she cant just be a bit randy it has to be some kind of affliction, disease, disorder. Oh yes and lets ignore the fact that some women have a lot of sex as a side affect of abuse and exposure to inappropriate sexual behaviour)

    P.S. Iain, I agree with you on the light sentencing it is very short for 3 rapes and no remorse, the man is a menace. I fear his prison term will make him hate and blame women all the more.

    • Hmm. Here’s an interesting update from Nine News: It is believed Nagi did not know he was HIV-positive when he committed the three rapes and there is no reported evidence he infected his victims.

      And this: During the trial last year Nagi’s lawyer argued the taxi driver had the “man’s equivalent of nymphomania” and should not receive a harsh sentence because he did not bash the women during the rapes.

      And if you go back a bit further, he even argued that his crimes were less serious because his victims were drunk. What a horrible piece of work.

      • A lighter sentence because he, what, raped them kindly? FFS. I can’t even comment on this one because I can’t even breathe. I am that upset.

      • It is preciesely this kind of lawyering which led to me quitting my degree. As for the ‘dose of don juanism’ thing perhaps the journo is trying to get a lazy editor sacked?
        It’s pretty woeful reporting not just because it mitigates the seriousness of the crimes but also because it is an obvious albeit dreadful attempt at humour. In my experience of the world, humour and rape never mix.
        Eight years for multiple rapes is pathetic really, but at least he didn’t bash them so I guess his lawyers reckons they should write him letters of thanks.

  3. Yes Lexy it is a particularly light sentence when you consider that most convicted felons are likely to serve less than half of the time the judge hands down, what with time off for good behaviour.

    Personally I think that having unprotected consensual sex if you know you are HIV positive is akin to attempted murder add that to the fact that this bloke raped these women, and he abused a position of trust (as a taxi driver ) and that wood chipper is looking might good ! 😡

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