Politics and technology

Julie Bishop complained yesterday that new media may be dumbing down politics. Now, leaving aside my belief that Barnaby Joyce, Steve Fielding, Tony Abbott and even Julie Bishop’s death stare are more to blame for dumbing down politics, I think she’s missed the point. (No surprises there, what with her being a 54-year-old politician who uses the death stare instead of dealing with criticism.)

“You have to get your message across in such an incredibly short time. It’s all being reduced to a five-second news grab or 140 characters on Twitter,” she said.

Making politicians be succinct – rather than letting them waffle on about how they’ve invested millions in this program, and millions in that program without answering the bloody question – can only be a good thing. Enough of this “being on message” bullshit. It’s boring and it’s disrespectful to us – their audience and their voters.

Bishop reckons that online media is bad for democracy. I reckon she’s just annoyed that today, when people disagree with her, they fire off an email and write blog posts, and leave comments on other blogs and news articles, rather than digging around for the letterwriting paper, composing a letter, finding an envelope and getting to the post office for a stamp before it shuts and frankly, who could be bothered?

4 responses to “Politics and technology

  1. Never before have the people been able to rise up so quickly and publicly say what they want to say. The truth hurts.

  2. Yeah, no wonder they want to censor us and charge us to read news sites and stuff.

  3. I actually enjoy watching Question Time because it’s like kindergarten in suits – it’s so much fun watching the speaker try to keep control.

    The point, however, is that Senators get a 2 minute limit to answer any question, and it doesn’t get reset if there’s an interruption or a Point of Order.

    And it makes the whole mess at the very least have some sort of air of having a point to it, instead of just an attempt to deflect all criticism by piling it back on the Opposition.

    Conciseness is only a good thing from politicians.

    • Hi Jonathan Hepburn, welcome to the News with Nipples.

      I have to admit, I don’t enjoy Question Time as much as I should – I just feel like it’s all pointless grandstanding, and that instead of “answering” their fake Dorothy Dixers, they could be doing something productive with that time.

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