Quick questions

Yes, I know things are going to get all asylum seekery soon, but for now, I have three questions for you:

1. Where do you keep your handbags? (I’ve been hanging mine on the back of the door, but since the door seems to be held together by dust, my bags now make me sneeze. And they smell bad.)

2. What podcasts do you regularly listen to?

3. What’s the first thing you’re going to do when you finally have time?

4. I’m going to a “what you want to be when you grow up” costume party on the weekend and I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. Suggestions?

30 responses to “Quick questions

  1. 1) handbags I use regulalrly are in the wardrobe in the main bedroom and the others are in a box on top of wardrobe in spare room which I force superdik to drag down for me when I need them.

    2) I dont do podcasts cos I’m not that groovy

    3) trim the jungle that is my garden (not my lady garden I trimmed that this weekend!!) or maybe spend some time researching prams!

  2. 1. the one currently in use gets put on a chair, the ones used recently (still with notepads, lipsticks, hair bands, pens, books in them) live where they were flung on my bedroom floor, and the other sad unloved ones live in a basket.

    2.no podcasts for me either…

    3.read all the goddamn books I have bought AND go back to yoga AND start life drawing classes again. And learn to sew. again.

    4.Crap, I don’t know. Is there room for smart arsery? You could go with a Miss World sash, an iron and a plastic infant?

  3. I only have a couple of ugly handbags gifted to me by well-meaning aunts. They are at the bottom of my wardrobe covered in shoes.

    I don’t listen to podcasts. I should though. I mean I have an iPod. I just don’t know where to start.

    I suppose if I ever have time I will learn how to get a podcast and then listen to said podcast. I will also clear out my wardrobe and chuck out the ugly bags I’ll never use. And at some point I will learn Te Reo and try yoga. When I have time…

    I love Lady Pants’ suggestion. You should totally do that!

    • But Boganette, where do you put your wallet, phone, keys, lipbalm, pens and notebook when you leave the house?

      And Pants, my bag situation sounds a lot like yours – there’s a lipbalm, pen and half-read book in all of them.

      • Oh yeah – I have one bag – I use it until it falls apart then I get a new bag.

        My current bag is just chucked on the floor. If it’s not on the floor it’s on the table. And if it’s on the table I’ve been trying to find something in it so there will be shit everywhere from my bag.

        I’m not a tidy person. And I don’t take care of my things. I am generally quite a mess. I’m always covered in dog hair and things are held together with safety pins and my hair is unbrushed etc. So yeah don’t take advice from me.

        Oh and also this is probably rare – but I only use a handbag for work and like maybe if I go to dinner or a movie. When Mr Boganette and I go out it’s usually for gigs so I don’t take a bag. I stick my ID into Mr Boganette’s wallet, my phone into my pocket and off I go. It’s even easier now that I don’t smoke because the only other thing I needed was a place to put my smokes (they usually went in his pocket anyway). I hate handbags. They just get in the way. I try to avoid using a handbag.

        • I do the same thing when we go to gigs. Phone in pocket (if I could be arsed taking it), cash and id in ManFriend’s wallet. My handbag is more like a satchel, so I’ve somewhere to put my glasses, notebook, pens, and food. I’ve also been known to just use a plastic bag, because handbags are so girly.

          • So last night after work I got home and went to get my handbag and realised I’d left it at the office.

            Who does that?? I’d just posted on your blog about handbags and then I leave mine at the office. Seriously.

      • I have also had many handbags stolen and by stolen I mean I got drunk and lost them. So that’s another reason why I don’t use a handbag most of the time.

      • Drives me INSANE. Why can’t I be a nice neat bag person, not some grub with bus tickets, tampons, gum, 2 lighters, a half eaten caramel slice wrapped in tissue and an earring littering my carrying device?? Bah.

  4. I went to one of those parties and I went as Marilyn Monroe which was not what I wanted to be at all but I happened to have the costume. Dik was as a cyborg I think and George went as Miss world with the sash (tounge in cheek). lots of star wars stuff around all being children of the 70s.

    what about wonderwoman ( 40’s version)

    • I think the problem is that, as a kid, I never thought about what I wanted to be when I grew up, so trying to think of a costume seems fake. There was a brief week or two when I wanted to be a scientist, but otherwise, no thoughts about my future at all. Which explains a lot, I know, about why I’m in a job that doesn’t challenge me in any way and certainly doesn’t make use of my skills and qualifications. And why the one before that was the same. And the one before that…

  5. 1. Top shelf in a basket or current fave sagging on a hook by the front door.

    2. None. See question 3.

    3. Develop a ear for intellectually stimulating podcasts as opposed to the drivel of bands and FM radio.

    4. How can you go past a fireman?

    • Maxabella, I don’t listen to podcasts either, because I don’t have a podcast devicey thing.

      Fireman, eh? Ooh, I could make jokes about my long, thick hose all night.

  6. I hate those handbag thingies, especially the teensy little ones – what the hell fits in them?
    I just have a back pack that lives on the kitchen floor or in the car, but baggy pants with lots of pockets solves the problem of keys, wallet, phone, glasses etc.

    I recently went to a fancy dress party as Billy Idol – it was mad.

  7. Oh, and I really want to rearrange a lot of furniture and stuff in the house because I don’t think we’re utilising our space very well. I want to make the house more reflective of our needs – for example due to varying time tables we rarely all eat together at the table. I’m thinking get rid of the table altogether and put an air hockey table there. That kind of thing – but when I will ever have that sort of free time is a mystery.

  8. 1. Wardrobe for the ones Im not using and floor for the one I am. In recent years i have replaced nice heels with nice handbags. Because I can’t be arsed wearing heels anymore and I need to get retail therapy somewhere; Handbags are practical, made of leather and some of them are really cool.

    2. None. From reading this blog, are podcasts like beta max?

    3. I have loads of time, I am naturally lazy so my time isn’t genearlly filled up with appointments, assignments or work obligations. So I am going to change you question to, “what am I finally going to do when I have the money?” Which is buy my day bed from Ikea! So farking excited.

    4. Go as a box of crayons. It isn’t particularly relevant to what you wanted to be when you grow up, but as you dont have an answer to that, let it go and just go as “what have I always wanted to wear to a costume party?”

  9. 1 – current bag sits on the floor by my bed. Others are in a pretty back pack on top of my hat box.

    2 – none…lost my ipod

    3 – have time at the moment between semesters and am slowly sorting out all the rubbish that has collected in dark corners during the semester just gone.

    4 – Crone……more fun than an old woman

    • A crone! Yes! ManFriend and I have an injoke of us as crones (it involves hand gestures and bird-like sounds), so that’s a pretty good one.

      Am leaning towards Cyndi Lauper, since I did want to be her when I was a kid.

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