What I’ve been doing

I was going to post earlier today. Honest. But I’ve been putting together my Cyndi Lauper costume for a party on Saturday. (I had the day off today, so thought I’d use it wisely. Like sitting in front of the heater. Then raiding all the $2 shops and op shops in walking distance. And then sewing.)

I’m turning two wigs into this (with the added bonus of the yellow one being crimped):

If it doesn’t rain, I’m doing this:

And if it does rain – thereby making a newspaper skirt a bad, bad idea, then I’ve always got these.

4 responses to “What I’ve been doing

  1. Fab idea, nips. CL is the thinking girls Madonna. I propose you go with the newspaper skirt regardless of the weather. Cyndi would.

    • Except that Cyndi would look fabulous even if she got rained on. I’d just look soggy. With bits of wet newspaper stuck to my legs. And then all the bits of paper would slop off, leaving me with an odd contraption around my thighs made of hula hoops and string. And I’d somehow get newspaper print on my face. Unless I also made a garbage bag overskirt, to get me to the party… hmm, I can hear the cogs turning from here…

  2. Young teenage punk Linda Radfem used to wear garbage bags everywhere once upon a time.

    I totally approve of the choice of an 80s rock/pop icon for your costume inspiration.
    I owe CL and that silly song so much.

    • I’ve cheated/personalised a little, and have the orange wig as a fringe, not the yellow one, because frankly, I’m feeling a little vain this morning and the yellow that close to my face makes me look like I’ve got jaundice. And I’ve stuck a rubik’s cube on the top at a jaunty angle. Now I just have to attach the toy soldiers (spraypainted blue) to the tulle bustle I made last night, and take in the black and silver shoulderpads extraordinaire number so it doesn’t swim on me. Wonder if I’ll have time for tap dancing today?

      But garbage bags as outwear, eh Linda? Respect. I’ve decided not to go with the newspaper skirt because it’s just asking for trouble. And, as my friend timesnewchloman pointed out, after a few drinks people might take to me like I’m a giant pinata. Ooh, there’s a fun joke in there about tearing away the newspaper to get to my treats!

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