I love a good list. You have no idea how much I love a good list. I think I’m single-handedly keeping the Post-It and Spirax notebook companies in business. My 2010 diary is peppered with scraps of paper with lists and Post-Its with lists, the latter for when things don’t get done – which, to be honest, they usually don’t – and so the list can be moved to another day.

At the moment, I have a list of the books I need to read over the next few months for my doctorate; a list of books I’m going to read that are not uni-related (yeah, right, like that’ll happen); a list of the overseas friends I want to email, just to say hi; a list of concealers to try for hiding the bags under my eyes; a list of blogs I’ve found along the way and should go back to; and a list of ways to improve the world that decision-makers don’t seem very interested in.

Anyone got any other lists I should know about?

12 responses to “Lists!

  1. List

    People to get a lift home with if it’s raining
    Friends who will help me bury a body
    Who owes me money
    Top 10 people who I’d push in front of a bus
    Top 3 people I would like to bitch slap in the office
    List of items in my desk draw
    Ingredients for a margarita and a long island ice tea
    Items on my desk that I can throw at someone
    Locations I can hide out at for more than an hour

  2. yes
    all right

  3. Rather than keeping a list of blogs you want to read you could always click on the subscribe button at the top of your WordPress tool bar when you find them and then you can check out their posts in the “friend surfer option to see new posts as they appear.
    Personally I have given up on lists its too easy to be disappointed when they remain undone, probably better to let the Gunna-doos fade into the memory pit.

  4. Oh how I love a list. If it’s not on my list, it doesn’t exist. My favourite list is my “things I would get around to doing if I was an entirely different person” list. This is closely related to my “things I would be doing right now if I didn’t have kids” list. My favouriate.

  5. I don’t normally make lists, although I am starting to at work because I spend so much time jumping from one task to another that things get lost along the way.

    But today I am in a shit mood so here is a list of things that shit me.

    1) the hot tap in my kitchen sink leaks and I dont know how to change a washer.

    2) my toilet runs, and same again, I don’t know how to fix it.

    3) I am single again and it sucks.

    3) I have $3 in the bank until payday. And while I have food at home, none of it is ‘now’ food and requires preparation, which I don’t feel like doing.

    4) People who sniff on the bus and don’t blow their nose instead.

    5) Winter. I am over winter. Make it warm again.

    6) Waking up just at the bit where a dream gets good. For example. My alarm went off this morning just as someone was bring me a delicious looking plate of tapas.

    7) Bouncers who act like God

    8) When movines I really want to see get shit reviews.

    Yeah, I’ve run out of steam now.
    Please excuse the rant.

  6. Ha, that should be movies, not movines. I think that would be ‘films made by cows’, and 8), should be 8 ).
    Curse you techmology.

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