Because rape’s funny, right?

There are two famous women that News Ltd and Fairfax websites love to mock: Lara Bingle and Lindsay Lohan. (Fairfax also has it in for Madonna.)

But surely, laughing at the potential rape of one of these women is going too far?

Today’s ‘ooh let’s all laugh at Lindsay Lohan going to jail’ story is from UK tabloid The Sun: Jail inmates ‘eager for a piece’ of Lindsay Lohan:

INMATES of a jail where Lindsay Lohan is set to spend up to 90 days have warned of gangs out to attack the starlet, saying “everyone will want a piece of her”.

Oh, har har har Pete Samson. A young actor gets sent to jail, and the inmates say they’re going to hurt her. Ooh, that’s funny.

Tamara Haley, 38, is doing time for heroin possession and prostitution.

She said: “Everyone will want a piece of her. It will make them famous if they hurt Lindsay Lohan.

“Or if you get her to cry, the whole ward will laugh and people will love it – even the guards.”

Haley also warned bisexual Lindsay of the jail’s lesbian gangs – and offered advice on how to avoid their clutches.

Ooh, assault her and rape her. Nudge nudge, wink wink, what a funny story.

10 responses to “Because rape’s funny, right?

  1. I have been fighting a long running battle with my workmates to get them to see that prison rape is not funny and I think I might finally be there. It’s only taken about three years. How much longer would it take with the entire media?!

    • Hi Julie, welcome. I had a minor victory earlier in the year when it was finally accepted in my newsroom that women don’t steal other women’s husbands – affairs happen when one married person decides to have sex with a person they are not married to. Didn’t win the Miley Cyrus battle though – that by running the story we were just telling people what to Google to look at underage breasts. Apparently being underaged doesn’t count when you’re famous.

  2. Good points, you should do a daily blog for

  3. I have always been puzzled why men are so terrified of going to prison because they might be raped by another man but that women don’t appear to have this fear. As a woman I have certainly been brutally bullied by other women and all this newspaper article reveals is that women are capable of violence.

  4. I hope she starts a prison gang, breaks out and then kicks whoever wrote that article’s arse.

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  6. Doll: “I have always been puzzled why men are so terrified of going to prison because they might be raped by another man but that women don’t appear to have this fear.”

    Maybe because unlike men, our chances of being raped are actually much higher when we’re not in gaol than when we are.

    Funny how we only believe a woman’s word about rape and other sexual violence very selectively.

    Most of the time malestream media love to accuse women of lying about sexual assault but in this instance one woman’s off the cuff remark is interpreted as gospel truth.

  7. This article annoyed the hell out of me when it appeared, for the reasons you enunciate.

    Increasing web-hints by trying to make light of rape, indeed.

    Nicely retorted to.

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