Harvey Norman in 2010

Last year’s sexist Harvey Norman ads featured an illustrated man lounging around drinking, while his illustrated lady-girl did all the cooking in her best frock and heels, while looking demure and delicate. They must have received some complaints because the next time the couple appeared, they were either both cooking or both lounging. But she was still half his size and doll-like, while he looked like he was going to violate her. I think the illustrator was going for “mysterious” but it didn’t work.

Anyway, check out this sexist nonsense in Harvey Norman’s latest catalogue (sorry, my camera doesn’t photograph shiny very well at all):

Another sexist ad from Harvey Norman

I’ll enlarge that bit, shall I?

Only mums use washing machines

That’s right, “Guess whose MUM can choose a BONUS GIFT with every WHIRLPOOL purchase?”

On the Whirlpool website, products are divided into laundry, kitchen, refrigeration, cooking, dishwashers and cleaning. Show your mum you really care – buy her a washing machine. Fuck off Harvey Norman.

13 responses to “Harvey Norman in 2010

  1. Horrors, but it’s Whirlpool who have the 1950s approach to gender lines. “Guess whose mum’s got a whirlpool?” Have you not seen those shockers with Molly Meldrum, Bert Newton et al dressed in drag.

  2. that’s so fucking unfair, i purchased the washing machine and there was no fucking gift for me…. i did get then to knock 10% off the price, free delivery and threw in a pop corn maker. Would have preferred the free gift too….

  3. oh, yeah… bad sexist bastards


  4. The ad that shits me is the Nutrigrain one, all about (as a mother) making your son big and strong. If he is that big and strong he can buy his own cereal. Fuck off.

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  6. I’m sure it’s designed to appeal to conservative Gen-Yers invested in 1950s ideals, and whose parents are old enough to explain to them that it’s alluding back to Whirlpool’s older slogan from the 70s.

    I haven’t set foot in a Harvey Norman since Gerry’s hideous comments about homeless people a couple of years ago.

    Quite a few of us have been blogging lately, about the gendered division of labour, I’ve noticed. That could be the theme for the next Down Under Feminist’s Carnivale.

    But yes, Whirlpool and Harvey Norman can both fuck off.

  7. Bloody hell, Whirlpool have an image of Bert in drag on their home page.

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