What I’m going to do this weekend

I’m not working tomorrow, so the weekend starts… NOW!

This is what I’m going to do:

* Read Jay Rosen’s What are journalists for? (if you’ve ever felt that journalism could be better, could be more useful, this is the book for you);

* Drink wine with ManFriend’s sister Betsy Jinxx (isn’t she stunning!);

* If it’s sunny, play badminton in the park;

* Go tap dancing;

* Eat my body weight in cheese – a girl’s gotta watch out for osteoporosis, you know;

* Enjoy a tasty, tasty dinner with the Family ManFriend;

* And no doubt, do a lot of laughing and lazing and eating Lindt sea salt chocolate.

What have you got planned?

12 responses to “What I’m going to do this weekend

  1. Amazingly I have the weekend off. And I’m sanding and painting my bathroom. Oh joy! *rolls eyes* can I have your weekend instead of mine?

    • Umm… no. Although, if you’re doing that to your bathroom, then it probably means you own your house. Sometimes I think that would be nice.

      • Nah I don’t Mr Boganette’s aunties own it and if I paint their bathroom they give me monies. And then I can use those monies for my holiday next month. HOLIDAY YAY! While I paint and sand that hideous bathroom I’m just going to scream HOLIDAY and CASHMONEY in my head the whole time to keep me going.

  2. 2 consecutive hangovers and a whole heap of kebabs……

    • Hello Mrs Woog, and welcome to the Nipples. Are the kebabs before the hangover, or after it? My friend’s Dad always says, ‘Never waste an expensive drunk on a cheap meal’.

  3. I have to get through tomorrow first, another day of thinking about family violence and family law and praying that Tony Abbott doesn’t win the election because then the National Plan to Reduce Violence Against Women and their Children will just disappear into thin air… and it’ll be worse than under Howard… because while I know some feminist academics believe that Abbott couldn’t move to get rid of abortion from Medicare, I am completely convinced that he would at least try. (I really need to chill out about this election…)

    Anyway, for the actual weekend I have such exciting things planned as put clean clothes away, do more washing, freak out about lack of closet space when all washing is clean, have minor breakdown over my consumerist tendencies, try to throw some clothes away, get half a garbage bagful for the Salvos, cook some food because I like cooking and find it relaxing… having my son reject my food and then after finally eating it declare it the best dinner evah! and watching Le Tour (which is porn to me) with greenie bike man…

    so not much planned your weekend sounds much nicer!

    • I have a fear gnawing at my belly that Abbott might get in… and it scares the hell out of me.

      I did two loads of washing today so I don’t have to do it on the weekend. Yes, I know, it’s gendered division of labour, but since I only work part time and ManFriend brings in the money, I do most of the housework so I feel like it’s even. Otherwise I’d feel like a freeloader. And by most, I mean not very much, because neither of us is big on housework. I did, however, do a six-hour lamb neck studded with garlic and anchovies on Tuesday, so when I say housework, it’s a win-win situation.

  4. I share your fears, Lissy. Also, the National Plan to Reduce Homelessness will go the same way.
    Actually I think I read somewhere that he already stated that he’ll scrap it.

    Weekend – not working so will probably just enjoy not working and maybe get a bit of reading done. Semester starts next week and I already have a unit outline for one subject so I’d like to get an early start cos I’m gonna need it.
    One unit is about analysing the role media play in politics so I may try to pick your brains occasionally, Kim. If that’s ok.

    • The NPRVAW&C wil fall over if the NPRH doesn’t go anywhere… its friday night I will not start ranting, I am going to have cider and wood oven pizza!

      I hate housework but that’s a longer conversation than i have time for right now! Because… Pizza!

      Have a great weekend!

    • Linda, pick away. Don’t know what kind of rubbish you’ll find in there though…

      Remember, Abbott says homelessness is a lifestyle choice. Why is it that the most uncharitable, ungenerous people seem to be religious?

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