Confessions of a news junkie

Are you sitting down?


I have a confession to make.

I didn’t watch the debate between Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott last night.


Partly because I’m not sure I can cope with that much Tony Abbott in one sitting, but mainly because I forgot it was on. I was away in a beach house at Culburra with the extended Family ManFriend.

But, since we’re talking politics, one thing that does shit me is the constant reporting on polling that says women are supporting Gillard because she’s a woman. Hmm. Not buying it. Perhaps they’re supporting Gillard because she isn’t Abbott. Perhaps they’re supporting Gillard because, until the last months of Rudd, Labor enjoyed years of public lovin’, and even when the love died, they moved mainly to the Greens, not to the Liberals.

The gender question is fucked. The pollsters started asking it in NSW when we got a female Premier, and it’s pretty insulting to everyone. After all these years they didn’t ask if men were voting for male politicians because they owned a penis. Yet now women are assumed to be silly enough to vote for a vagina, rather than a politician’s policies or their party’s policies. Sigh.

So, back to the debate. Who watched it? Thoughts?

7 responses to “Confessions of a news junkie

  1. Also…. didn’t… watch. Masterchef. I know what you’re thinking! But it was the only time I’ve watched Masterchef, ever and it sucked me right in.

    I am not voting for Julia Gillard, I’m voting for Labor. And I’m not voting for Labor because they have a woman leader called Julia Gillard. I’m voting for Labor because they do not have a leader called Tony Abbott.

    • I’ve tried to watch Masterchef – because I love food and cooking – but there’s too much crapping around trying to make them cry, and not enough cooking. It was on at the Culburra house, but the kids (Gens X and Y) were playing cards while the adults (retirees) watched it. ManFriend got shooshed for laughing too loudly!

  2. I watched it on abc, I can’t handle the worm, it just shits me… I could barely handle tweets about the worms progress…

    My son came in and saw Tony Abbott and started yelling “Bad Man he eats bugs!” (That is his father’s doing not mine btw), he thought Julia’s hair was nice… though he “needed a hot chocolate to calm down” after seeing Mr Abbott, so he “wouldn’t have nightmares.”

    I am a proud lefty hippy mummy… Anyway I thought the actual debate was bloody boring… and the use of ‘fair dinkum’ just annoyed the fuckers out of me… just ugh! And the whole ‘stop the boats’ made me throw up in mouth… good thing I was distracted dealing with the small one!

    • That’s one smart kid you’ve got there.

      Why oh WHY is Abbott allowed to just keep saying ‘we’ll stop the boats’ without giving any detail whatsoever? Watched him on 7.30Reportland tonight and he had nothing to say. This whole election campaign is about no one saying anything that might be considered a policy, just in case a voter doesn’t like it. Yawn.

      • Apparently intelligence is X chromosome related… which is the one he got from, oh! me!

        I avoided watching 7.30 report, didn’t need to watch it I read it on twitter- eastern state types being half an hour ahead and all…

        And yes! No substantive policy- nada! zip! Just in case … oh wait we can’t call them racists… what was the phrase Barrie Cassidy used?? Something like “people who are concerned by immigration”… jesus One Nation is getting more progressive than the major parties, calling for Indigenous seats in parliament??

  3. Didn’t watch it because I knew it would piss me off and I’m cranky enough as it is – plus I didn’t think I’d hear anything too substantial.

    Masterchef shits me to fucking tears; just another example of the fuckedupness of the gendered division of labour ie. as soon as a form of work that is usually assigned to women becomes marketable, it’s appropriated by men.

    Also there is a class element about it that I can’t quite articulate, but it’s like reality tv for the bourgeoisie.

    And all those close-ups of entitled twonks shovelling food into their mouths…and the waste of food…just blah all round…

  4. “it’s like reality tv for the bourgeoisie.”

    Bloody well said!

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