It’s boob Friday

The word of the day from is:

busticate \BUHS-ti-keyt\, verb:

To break into pieces.

We can do better than that.

Busticate – to break into pieces using only your boobs.

Busticate – to slap someone around the face using your boobs.

Busticate – when boobs pontificate after being spoken to.

So, awesome readers, over to you. What have you got?

8 responses to “It’s boob Friday

  1. “Ofbustication”

    ~ noun:

    To confuse one or more persons with one’s boobs.

  2. Filibusticate: to distract and slow down lawmaking via boobification.

  3. Busticate – to eat using your boobs as cutlery.

  4. they need some of these words and definitions on the back of the lasertits T-shirts

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