I need to read it all

I feel like I need to read everything.

Not in a ‘I love reading and want to devour the entire written world with my eyeballs’ kind of way, but in a ‘if I don’t read it, I might miss something important’ kind of way. Which is pretty sucky because my doctorate question has changed and now I have a massive pile of academic articles that are no longer completely relevant that I feel I have to get through before I can start collecting new articles.


8 responses to “I need to read it all

  1. I still waste time doing that… I admire people who do Phd’s… what I have to do these days, and I’m just doing a Masters by coursework so feel free to tell me to bugger off… because I cannot waste time chasing down intellectual side routes no matter how ‘oooh shiny ideas!’ they seem… is to read the article synopsis bit and if I’m still intrigued the conclusion, then if its not relevant I move on to the next one…

    If you’ve missed anything by reading that way, it will be sure to be a point raised elsewhere in the literature that is relevant… then its a matter of “where the fark did I put that article again?” That’s my vague system…

    • I am such a sucker for ‘ooh, shiny idea’ and going off on tangents. Was writing an essay last semester on whether journalists feel a responsibility towards multiculturalism and spent a couple of days in Representations of Muslims in the Australian Media Land.

  2. See… I don’t have a couple of days usually… its like “Bitch you have to write this damn thing right now! It was due yesterday.” … sometimes I miss all the time I had for study in my undergrad times… then I remember I was also living on vegemite on toast at the time and just how nice food actually is and how I have a small person to feed too…

    • Yes, I’m lucky enough to be working part time in a job that pays much better than the part time jobs I did during my undergrad. (Mind you, it still doesn’t pay very well. And we have to beg for the freakin’ CPI each year and then only get 1.2 per cent.) And that ManFriend loves me very very much.

      • Ooh yes! my part-time job pays much better than cleaning toilets ever did… and works out with childcare at my son’s school… and I have bosses who are very understanding of the whole single mother, worker, student thing… and I’m reasonably low maintenance as a worker… also I is trying the career path stuffs now and the study is part of the career path navigating stuffs… so not working is not really an option… but studying while working looks good on job apps…

  3. Maybe if you could teach your tits to read braille you might be able to get through your reading in a third of the time. Just a thought.

  4. or you could get a “titter” account.

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