A big hello to my new subscribers

Some lovely people have subscribed to the News with Nipples this week (the button’s just to the right, saying click me, click me!), and I’ve had some shiny new commenters, so I’d like to say a big hello to them all*:

So, tell me a little about yourselves. How’d you get here? What’s your area of expertise? Want to give your own blog a plug?

* Of course, if this is your first time here too, please, de-lurk and join the conversation. Some first times are scary, but not this one.

10 responses to “A big hello to my new subscribers

  1. Well, I subscribed to the blog before this week, but I’ll say hello anyway! Hi, I’m Chally, I got here through the Ausfemblogosphere somehow. I blog at about six places, but my primary blog can be clicked to through my name. My area of expertise, eh? If you mean education/career-wise, I’m a drama school grad. I have found this primarily useful in that it allows me to show off about being a drama school grad. I’m now a full time arts student (first year! BA!) and also a freelance writer. I’m thinking of going back and getting my drama teacher qualification next year, but that might be a bit hectic alongside uni and work. What else about me… I have curly hair, I love feminist science fiction and I have more cheesecake recipes than you do.

  2. i came here for the nipples but stayed for the intelligence.

    i’m a know nothing Australian living in Singapore. i talk shit about shit that i know shit all about

  3. I came late to this post, but thought I’d delurk. I love this blog and it’s my staple lunchtime food.
    I appreciate seeing your take on disguised misogyny and anti-women issues.
    Keep up the great work 🙂

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