Tony Abbott makes a rape joke

Tony “no one respects women more than I do” Abbott made a rape joke.

And thought he was pretty clever.

And funny.

What an arsehat.

Check out Napalmnacey tear him a new one at Hoyden about Town.

And check out GetUp’s latest video, featuring what Abbott really thinks about women.

13 responses to “Tony Abbott makes a rape joke

  1. He doesn’t need anyone to tear him a new one ‘cos he is one.

  2. He’s so revolting. Repeating it four times because he thought it was just SO FUNNY. Sweating and sniggering. Ughh he is so awful.

    I’ve been sending that video to everyone in the known universe.

  3. What the actual fuck Tony Abbott. What the actual fuck

  4. Did any of you listen to the interview live? I did and at the time thought what the fuck are you saying, however I don’t see how it was intended to be a joke, just a really poor choice of words.

    • I saw it, and once he’d decided on his ‘no means no’ line, he looked really pleased with himself and then repeated it. I don’t think he was intending to make a rape joke, but was just being a douchebag and not thinking about the shit that comes out of his mouth. Do people seriously want him to be PM?

  5. My mum has decided that she does, being unable to find work due to her age, his incentives for employers ha swon her over. That and she thinks Julia’s voice sounds like a siamese cat being hit with a sock full of coins.

  6. I noticed that you have a link to a Get Up video. Do you know if they won their High Court challenge re voter registration? In my view they essentially want judicial permission to be lazy and indeed break the law (you can register when you are 17 and you go on the role when you turn 18 and it is illegal to not register to vote.) Even so the AEC gave an extra days grace to get enrolments in.

    • True, but unless you’re a nerd like me, enrolling to vote isn’t high on people’s to do list when they turn 18. And people get taken off the roll all the time. When I went overseas on a one-way ticket after uni, I contacted the AEC and asked what to do in case an election was called while I was away. (See my earlier point about being a nerd.) Since I had no idea where I would be, they just said they’d take my name off the roll so I wouldn’t be fined. A friend at work went to update her details the other day and discovered she had been taken off the roll because they couldn’t find her at her old address. I think once the election is called, a week to make sure you’re on it is reasonable.

      • Fair enough, how come they chose me to pick on then? When I moved I got eight letters…8 telling me to change my enrolment address, so I finally surrendered and did it.
        Anyway they won although I’ll be keen to read the judgement and find the section of the constitution which deals with time limits after writs are issued.

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