Um, what?

Brian Holden has an odd piece in today’s Online Opinion: Feminism must ultimately fail if it ignores hormones. And by odd, I mean completely fucking delusional with a touch of offensive thrown in for good measure.

Apparently, Yugoslavia collapsed because men have hormones, and women have problems during pregnancy because of their hormones, and hormones cause men to rape.

Um, not following you there, Brian. If hormones caused men to rape, then men would be raping all over the place. There’d be rape on the bus, at work, in the queue for coffee, while taking the kids to see The Wiggles. By saying that rape is just a result of hormones, you take away people’s ability to make decisions.

Differing hormones do more than cause the physical gender differences. They contribute to differing perspectives emerging out of male brain tissue and female brain tissue.

Really? Do people still believe that male brain tissue looks different to female brain tissue?

Because male physical strength and aggression defined what the social structure was going to be, it is only in recent times that women have been permitted to demonstrate that they were the intellectual equals of men. How could such an overwhelming force lasting millennia ever be eliminated such that there can be true equality? It can’t be because it is DNA-based.

Ah, we can’t have true equality because it’s not in our DNA. And then there’s something about how if we suddenly lost electricity, the country would be taken over by alpha males and the feminists would have diddly squat. This guy is bonkers.

Nature has designed the hormones dominant in females not to be the boss hormones, but to be the nurturing hormones.

Sigh. Reckon someone’s feeling a little emasculated by having a female Prime Minister. But the next line is pure fucking gold:

Feminists should notice that life in this country offers limitless ways to enjoy it without being the boss of anyone.

Bah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Those stupid feminists. They should be making me a sandwich and not trying to be a boss.

Then there’s some bullshit about how it’s feminism’s fault that men don’t want to get married, and then this:

Women now dress-up as soldiers and police officers in boots and with guns.

Those women aren’t real soldiers and cops, you understand, they’re just playing dress ups. Like hot cops. And if women are sexually harassed or raped while in the armed forces, it’s because they’re in the “wrong environment”.

Then he goes on and on, about feminists being deluded and how the only thing that will give women fulfilment is to be a mother. To a son. Don’t want them raising any pesky feminists now, do we?

9 responses to “Um, what?

  1. I is still gnashing my teeth – who the fuck decided that piece of shit of an article should be disseminated to the world at large?

  2. 20 years in retirement hasn’t really affected his ability to communicate, he is truly in touch with the world around him and I’m sure will be the first one against the wall when the revolution comes.

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  4. I don’t even understand how that shit is allowed to be printed. That’s the most sexist crap I’ve read in ages. A paper wouldn’t print a column that was suggesting Maori were inferior based on “brain tissue” so why is it OK to say that about women?

    Hmm actually the NZ Herald might print a column suggesting that. Well nevermind. My point was kind of that I don’t understand how that column got through and ended up being published. Ughh it’s all rather depressing really.

  5. Oh he must be related to Garth George! Or GG in disguise! (GG is his equivalent at the NZHerald)

    It’s so privileged white dude it hurts.

  6. So, I started reading it and couldnt be bothered giving it full attention so tried skim reading it and still couldnt be bothered persisting with such drivel…..must be my hormones or something

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