The preoccupied blogger

Sorry there was no post yesterday. And sorry too this could be all you get today. I’m really abusing the friendship, aren’t I? (I’m also trying to stay away from the computer because my eye is twitching again. It’s been almost constant for two months now – or is it three? – despite the tissue salts I’m taking.)

Some things are happening. And by ‘some things’ I mean me finally pulling my finger out and doin’ stuff.

Oh, and I got a new phone and the technology has beaten me. A rooster (alarm) crowed at the butt crack of dawn this morning, which I guess is a real hoot when they set that in the factory.

This afternoon, the uni is letting me loose on a bunch of third year students. I met one of the classes very briefly last week and was impressed by their facial expressions that combined fear and boredom. Seriously, how do those two go together? So, of course, last night I had the worst sleep ever and reckon I could smuggle cow carcasses stuffed with cocaine in the bags under my eyes and no one would stop me at customs.

Any teaching tips?

11 responses to “The preoccupied blogger

  1. show no fear and don’t picture them naked… that’s just creepy

  2. Don’t smile before the 4th Class. No exceptions.

  3. Look em deep in the eye (try and be outrageously close up when you do it) with your weird twitching eye and see how their fear (some may call it respect but I prefer fear) grows.

  4. Make it perfectly clear that you, for one, are purrrrrfectly comfortable with long awkward silences. Smile through the duration of them… walk about the classroom… Someone will crack and participate eventually.

    Dont hide behind a desk for the whole class, be animated.

    good luck 🙂

  5. also.. ensure that you ask questions of the most bored and dull student.
    I was in a class this weekend where two people fell asleep.. sitting at the front of the class.. in a class of 15.. made me want to scream!!!

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