Working with arseholes – a history post

It’s funny how some things just pop into your head. Walking home today, I remembered this complete tool I used to work with, years ago, in my mid-twenties. I won’t say his name because he’s still at that company, but he’s close to retirement age, boofy white hair, wears his pants too high, and wears boat shoes. He’s the national advertising manager of a very small publishing company (several big fish in that small pond, let me tell you), and clearly thought he was a Fucking Good Catch.

He had no idea what I looked like because he never looked higher than my boobs.

He was an arse-groper, particularly every Friday afternoon after a liquid lunch.

He made my skin crawl.

Anyway, one day he walked into the kitchen – which was messy, as all office kitchens are – and said, “no wonder all these stupid sluts working here can’t get laid, they don’t keep the kitchen clean”.

Clearly his puny brain couldn’t handle the contradiction of a slut who can’t get laid.

Anyway, just thought I’d share that.

7 responses to “Working with arseholes – a history post

  1. “Anyway, just thought I’d share that.”

    And I’m glad you did. Likewise I’ve worked for those types – also in the advertising/publishing industry.. There are some shocking types around….

  2. Although technically the word slut used to refer to a ‘slovenly woman’ so it’s no surprise one wouldn’t clean (as would not a slovenly man) I suspect however that he was using the word in it’s modern context which makes it a pretty ugly word. I have no problem with swearing and am comfortable calling people and being called the C word in general conversation, however that word slut is one I very much avoid.

  3. Now that’s a story for “My Fault I’m Female”.

    God there’s some fucking assholes in the world. The one time I was sexually harrassed at work, I dragged his ass through HR, and he was FIRRRREEEEEEED. I’m so glad I had a female boss who took my concerns seriously.

  4. The word ‘arsehat’ springs to mind!

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