Some men on high incomes and low incomes cheat

Shocking, huh?

In today’s SMH is an AFP article that doesn’t make a lot of sense, and I’m not sure if it’s the research or the reporting: Purse strings hold key to sexual dalliances:

Men who earn less than their female partner are more likely to cheat on her, a new study shows.

Infidelity may be a man’s way of trying to restore his male identity when he feels it is under threat.

The article then goes on to say that men who earn more money than their partner are also more likely to cheat. So, might it be, perhaps, that the amount of money a man earns has little to do with whether he cheats on his relationship?

The study is by Christin Munsch, a sociology doctorate candidate at Cornell University. The uni’s newswire links to the Daily Mail version of the story:

Christin Munsch, of Cornell University in New York State, said: ‘At one end of the spectrum, making less money than a female partner may threaten men’s gender identity by calling into question the traditional notion of men as breadwinners.

‘At the other end of the spectrum, men who make a lot more money than their partners may be in jobs that offer more opportunities for travel like long work hours, travel and higher incomes that make cheating easier to conceal.’

The key to keeping a man faithful, it seems, is for him to earn a third more than his wife.

But men who want to keep their wife on the straight and narrow should keep her on a tight budget, the American Sociological Society’s annual conference heard.

Is it just me, or is this language worrying? When men cheat it’s because women make them cheat? And if a man doesn’t want his wife to cheat, he should control her?

8 responses to “Some men on high incomes and low incomes cheat

  1. AAAAAARrrrggh! This sort of article makes my blood boil (again? I’m in danger of exploding everytime I come visit you!) What alarms me is that someone felt the need to even research such a ridiculous topic. I mean, this ‘research’ is helpful to society how? Oh, we say, let’s make sure that we keep women down the career path ‘cos we don’t want her poor little man to feel threatened ‘cos then he’s gonna cheat on her and it’s all her fault.

    I want to know: who funds this sensationalist, unhelpful research?

    • I’m willing to give the researcher the benefit of the doubt and assume that the journo just found the cheating aspect more interesting… But that could be because I’m wearing both hats at the moment – journalist and researcher – and as journos we’re trained to find the One Interesting Point in a speech/presentation and make the story about that. Which doesn’t do justice to most events I’ve had to cover.

      PS: Sorry about the exploding.

  2. what a load of pointless and insulting tosh……”survey shows that insecure old skool men are more content when wife is subservient” or “survey shows that some men cheat and some women do too unless they are too weighed down (read lazy) with cleaning a house, raising kids and watching Oprah to clean themselves up and go out and get laid”


    How about a study that shows the percentage of men and women who lie on survey questionnaires for another pointless study.

  3. What a bunch of bullshit. And seriously: “But men who want to keep their wife on the straight and narrow should keep her on a tight budget” – that is so fucking offensive.

  4. Funny, I was more prone to cheating when I had a partner that didn’t respect me or other women, irrispective of my budget.

  5. I found this the other day with an article on how Aussie men don’t like ‘cougars’ or women far younger than them…and then it said that they were ‘happy’ to date women ‘significantly’ younger than them, say 12 years. So…WHAT was the point exactly?

    • Hello fuckpoliteness, and welcome to the News with Nipples. (I was sure you’d been here before, but apparently not.)

      Yeah, I saw that cougar article in a couple of places – although one said that cougars didn’t exist because women tend to prefer men their own age, which I thought was an unusual (by mainstream media standards) way of presenting the same study. Mind you, I didn’t read the article, just saw the headline and standfirst, so the rest of the article could have been exactly the same. And let’s face it, they usually all are exactly the same these days because they’re wire copy.

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