This is all I have to say

(With thanks to the awesome Lexy)

22 responses to “This is all I have to say

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  3. I wouldn’t worry the watermelons will get big red over the line.

    • Told you the watermelons (+ a cousin of Hawker’s and a dingbat) would get big red over the line. My advice is that if you live adjacent to a street corner get ready for the injecting rooms…nah just kidding that’s from Family First I think, but seriously if you live in say my hometown of Redcliffe QLD and work in the fishing industry, Centrelink is on Anzac Ave in Kippa Ring. This will be important information when the Greens succeed in destroying your livelihood.

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  5. nwn, if you want a design on a t-shirt, cafepress is the place to go. Because then we can order one too.

    My friend @ampersandduck did this one recently, which imma gonna wear tomorrow.

  6. I. Love. This.
    …although, I found out (too late) I got booted off the electoral roll, so I can’t vote. BALLS.

  7. Emailed to about 1,000 people!


  8. Frances Josephine Strover

    Let those with aureoles at last be allowed to stand up and be counted!

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  10. Happy voting today, my Australian friends!
    Hit him where it hurts, in the (ballot) box…

  11. Awesome News blog !! I love it!! keep updating!! There are lot of things to learn Gud Luck!!

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