Strange days



Wasn’t expecting this.

Personally, I think we should all get to vote again, particularly since 618,435 people voted informally and might not know. Ok, maybe some of them didn’t know they did it wrong and would actually care. A couple maybe.

So, here are some of the best post-election posts:

From Marieke Hardy: We get what we deserve

We’ve treated the respective party leaders like beleaguered partners helping us hang a painting (‘Bit to the left… lower… bit to the right… oh great, now it’s crooked and you’ve ruined everything’) and they’ve behaved accordingly, jumping through imaginary hoops and tap-dancing with a manic, fevered intensity to give us what they think we want. Debates, mango-eating, Rooty Hill, flirtations with Tony Jones on Q and A. “Is this enough?” They ask through the sweating and the good-natured batting away of difficult questions and the general indignity that comes with a knife-edge political campaign. “Am I enough for you now?”

From The Conscience Vote: None of the above

There’s another thing that Abbott should try to get his head around. Yes, there was a swing away from Labor, but it mostly went towards the Greens, not the Coalition.

From An Onymous Lefty: Federal Election 2010 Result: Pros and Cons

In fact, as far as I can see the biggest problem of this result is the disproportionate power the local independents will have over the rest of us. Unlike, say, the lone Greens lower house MP, who’s there from one electorate but in effect represents the 14% of Australians who voted Greens, the other independents represent no more than a single electorate and can’t be expected to give a damn about anything besides how much the rest of us are willing to offer them to have a functioning government.

From Jeff Sparrow at Overland: Nasty but weak

Thirdly, the disastrous ALP showing might open a discussion about the strategies the backroom brainiacs in Labor have been pursuing for so long. One cannot underestimate the magnitude of the disaster the ALP has brought upon itself.

And, of course, Hitler ain’t impressed:

What other great posts have you found? Links, please!

4 responses to “Strange days

  1. Why weren’t you expecting this?

    There was nothing to choose between the two figureheads we have been bombarded with over the past month, they could be brother and sister.

    The electorate are not as silly as the party power brokers believed them to be. I think it is a fabulous result and if the ALP and Liberal members can behave like adults we could have an amazing consensus government that might actually get some of the harder issues dealt with.

  2. im a total election nerd.. spent so much time on the AEC website i may even consider myself a psephologist!

    i love democracy!

  3. I enjoyed the blatant sucking up to Tobny Windsor on Q&A last night and Turnbull looking v pleased with himself in leather!

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