How odd

Want to know what I think is odd?

“Go on News with Nipples, tell us what you think is odd.”

That because I believe men and women deserve the same rights and the same opportunities, I get labelled a feminist. Odd, huh? And although I wear that label proudly, it is weird that we don’t have another ‘-ist’ for it.

And not only is it odd, but it means that others can roll their eyes and tell me I’m wrong and call me silly names like ‘man-hater’ simply because I believe in equality. But I’m yet to hear anyone justify an anti-feminist position.

So, any suggestions for another ‘-ist’?

18 responses to “How odd

  1. I’m a feminist that is if a guy can be painted with the same brush. Then on some days i get a little Anti but this is usually when someone uses their sex to manipulate ether people, position or the system for their own personal gain.

    that sounded like pure arse, i had better get another coffee…

    • Yep, guys can be feminists. (Except when Sam de Brito calls himself one and then proceeds to tell women what to do.)

      Women don’t have a monopoly on using their sex to manipulate others – men have been doing that for hundreds of years, creating laws that put them in charge and at an advantage (eg, the family benefit stuff that is designed to reward families where the man earns the income and the woman stays at home looking after the kids), preventing women from having access to education, or owning real estate or driving cars (thankfully no longer an issue in Australia).

  2. If anyone is called man hater for expecting equality they should know that the person making the accusation is pretty much a dick head who cant compete even on an uneven field, not that it makes things better but you can at least feel superior. As for an anti feminist position it cant be justified and wouldnt it be a treat if we didn’t need a ist at all. BUT anyone using their sex for advantage should be sent to the naughty corner for a good hard think.

    • Tredlgt, you’re spot on about ‘man-hater’ only being used by dickheads. Very very late one night in a pub I was called a man-hating lesbian (while sitting there with my male partner) by the darling of the Sydney theatre scene, because I suggested that if he’s going to tell the young woman who walked past that she should show him her boobs – which he was doing – then he should have to show her something of his first. Apparently that makes me a man-hating lesbian. I laughed and laughed and laughed in his face.

    • This may be offensive, and if so I do apologise, but I’m a little confused. Why is it bad for people to use their sex in order to gain an advatage over others? As long as all individuals are free to do so equally, I don’t see the problem, but I’m probably missing something obvious.

      Again, if this offends people, I apologise in advance for doing so. It was not my intention, and I’ve tried to word this the best I can

      • Hi Allan, and welcome to the News with Nipples with your very carefully worded question!

        It’s bad because it’s manipulative behaviour. And not everyone is able to do so equally – see my earlier comment on men creating laws that advantage them and disadvantage women.

  3. I like humanist, but that is used to differentiate from atheist rather than feminist.
    oh so confusing!

  4. I like the Womanist term, because it encompasses all intersections of equality and social justice for women – GLBTI, race, class, disability

  5. I see no difference between womanist and feminist.

  6. Male.
    Proud to be.

    I don’t think a new -ist would change anything. Sure, ‘feminist’ has linguistic baggage. But any new -ist would pick up as much baggage or more. Aside from anything else, a new name would be political correctness gone mad. But the main problem is that the word is just a word. It doesn’t have any more or less meaning than ascribed to it by people. And the reason feminist is a dirty word for some people is precisely because it’s about equality.

    Also, uh, hi.

    Reformed Lurker.

    • Chris, aka Reformed Lurker, hello and welcome to the News with Nipples. The issue is indeed about baggage, and any new word we use will eventually acquire the same baggage, but until it does, we can use it with wild abandon! That is, if we do come up with a new word, which we probably won’t because feminist is a good word. It’s just odd that it uses one gender in the name, yet the meaning – for me, at least – incorporates two genders.

      • I still suspect that the people who have a problem with feminism now would, the moment they found out about a hypothetical new word, be thoroughly outraged about the dirty feminazis trying to subvert the language (or some other random collection of words that passes for thought process with such people) and we’d be back where we started.

        Rather than a new word, my ideal would be that the meaning of ‘feminist’ becomes taken for granted for anyone who has a pulse, becomes the ‘default setting’ I suppose, and anyone who’s enough of a tool to disagree has to publicly disagree by self-identifying as a misogynist. Which they usually do in a roundabout way, anyway. But still…

        • Oh, you’re right – anyone who has a problem with women and men having equal rights is going to have a problem with any word we use, and frankly, I like the word feminist. I was just wondering aloud about how it refers to women, but means more than that.

          • Point taken.

            Though, I suspect if one of the myriad matriarchal societies of yore had dominated we’d probably have a masculist movement instead. I don’t think, aside from humanist, there’s really any single word that could cover it. Genderequalityist just doesn’t roll off the tongue.

            Agenderist, perhaps? (Though that could inherit some of the baggage of the various a- terms)

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