Three movie weekend

ManFriend and I went crazy on the weekend and saw three movies. And one of them was even at the cinema. That’s pretty out there, I know, and you’re probably all thinking, ‘those crazy kids’.

But for us, it was unusual because we normally watch movies (on dvd) during the week, and are really crap at going to the movies. It’s not a giant tv thing, because we don’t have a giant tv, but it’s just, well, probably just laziness.

Anyway, we saw Inception, Crazy Heart, and Departures. And without giving spoilers, the thing tying them together is the search for calm. Not calmness – the state of being calm – but calm itself.

I’m not easily stressed, yet I can’t imagine anyone describing me as calm. (Mind you, as a few editors have discovered along the way, just because I’m easy-going doesn’t make me a pushover.)

ManFriend’s mum is calm ā€“ something I attribute to all the yoga she does ā€“ yet my friend Ruthstar is a yoga teacher and is wonderfully excitable.

So, is being calm something you need, or is having occasional bouts of calmness enough? And can you have a bout of calmness, since a bout is a period of intense activity, emotion or illness?

11 responses to “Three movie weekend

  1. I went and saw Inception a couple of weeks ago and loved it, I like the idea of layered dream worlds I don’t think it was about a search for calm at all, I thought it was more about the nature of reality when it comes down to it .
    Nice twist at the end though.

  2. I wouldn’t sweat the spoiler issue its not as if the film has only just come out now is it?
    Anyway I thought that it was as much a film about addiction as anything else, and the main point was that he knew that the dream world was not real but that he could not resist returning to it even though what he was returning to was profoundly sad and personally destructive.

    • I didn’t see the place he returned to as sad – it was where he went to escape his sadness, but it wasn’t really working any more. That we have different takes on it simply means it’s a really interesting film.

  3. I loved inception – although I was far from calm watching it….v edge of the seat and exciting stuff.

    speaking of movies I saw the Expendables on Saturday…….OH…..MY….GOD. dreadful, dated, plotless, pointless, embarrassing, masculine bullshit and vanity don’t even come close in describing what total and utter dross it was. Although it was interesting as an insight into Stallone’s psyche (I wish it was still ’82 when I was an action star, motorbikes, long hair, cock rock music, bad tattoos and fake tits peroxide blondes in slow mo were de rigeur for movie making).

    the best thing about the movie was my boysenberry choc top

  4. I initially read that as ‘a search for clam’. Thought you guys were on the hunt for a threesome or something.

    I think that being calm is as much as an active choice as anything else – it is not the absence of something (stress, hyperactivity, etc), but the presence of something.

    For me, being calm is absolutely excellent every now and again, but I thrive on activity and stress. I know thats not very zen, but as much as I enjoy being still and quiet, the frantic nature of my everyday makes me feel so alive. Ask me that again at the end of semester, though šŸ™‚

    • Pants, if we were on the hunt, you’d be the first person we’d ask.

      I think you’re spot on about calm being a presence, not an absence.

      My calm tends to slip into boredom and flatness, so it’s probably not true calm, but just boredom and flatness.

  5. i too thrive on the stress and time-pressure of everything, Lady Pants! (some call it procrastination.. i prefer to call it self-awareness)

    calm is good though! i dont get enough of it but am trying to seek it out more often..

    calm for me is not having “have to” things hanging over my head, a period (and only a period, as inevitably chaos comes back to haunt me) where i can enjoy the feeling of freedom from the worlds troubles and mundane activities of life!

    calm for me doesnt necessarily mean inactivity though! catching a wave, being “in the zone” when reading a book or playing sport, calm is very rarely inactive for me!

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