Better teacher, bad joke

Today I was a much better teacher (compared to yesterday, when I was rubbish). However, I made a really inappropriate joke.

I was showing them around the Dreamweaver interface and was talking about how you can customise the insert panel. I said, ‘so, if there are certain objects that you really like to insert’ – and paused. I could probably have kept talking and no one would notice, but no. I like to put giant neon signs around the dumb things I say – and then said, ‘ooh, sorry, that was a bit rude’ and then worded the sentence a little more carefully.

Got a few giggles though.

11 responses to “Better teacher, bad joke

  1. *snort*

    i got it…

  2. tee hee hee

    fart jokes next

  3. ahahhahaha you know me too well!!

    (good thing you don’t need to worry about floppy di[c/s]ks anymore)

  4. Quote from my then 4 year old son upon hearing that his mother was carrying another baby ‘Well what happened, did someone just chuck it in there or something?’

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