Sorry there hasn’t been a real post today – I’ve been doing some maintenance. On me, not the blog. Underarm wax and a haircut, neither of which is particularly time consuming.

Ok, I’m just lazy.

I am now a redhead, so that took a couple of hours. Mind you, I said quite a few times that I wanted to be orange, not red. It looks good, but wasn’t what I wanted and I never know how to say to a hairdresser who has just spent ages doing something, ‘oh, that’s not what I wanted, can you change it before I give you all my money, please? No? Oh, ok then, just let me give you all my money for something I didn’t ask for’.

7 responses to “Elsewhere

  1. stand in the sun for a day and it’ll fade to orange

    beauty tips from a dog 🙂

  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of the fanta pants. x

  3. Red fades quickly and will soon become a more subtle and delicious shade. I always get the compliments after a couple of weeks when it has lost the just coloured look.

    My man was shocked recently when he asked if I had just got highlights put in and I explained that the colour was fading to blonde. He had no idea that some women choose to go darker.

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