Ms Ill here had to call in sick today.

Me: Hi boss, it’s me.
Boss: You calling in sick?
Me: Yes.
Boss: Ok. Bye.

13 responses to “Brevity

  1. what, not even a fake cough or a strained voice needed?

    • Ha! I’m a firm believer that people with colds should keep their germs to themselves. That’s why we have sick leave. Since I’ve been working part-time I’ve had fewer colds because I don’t have to put up with other (selfish) employees who think there’s some kind of martyr award for coming to work sick. I guess there is an award, if you consider not getting better quickly and also making other people sick an award… I hate those people.

      • Wish everyone thought this way. Aren’t you just sick of the ‘soldier on’ mentality of the workers of this country. Drives me nuts that you’re supposed to smack yourself up to the eyeballs with medication and just go about your day. No wonder we’re all exhausted.

        Hope you’re better soon. x

  2. I usually find that more drugs are needed at that stage.

  3. I always knew you were left of centre

  4. i applaud your brevity!!
    i hate listening to the bitching and moaning and sob story that people use when they are sick.. or even worse.. the “sick voice”
    “oh… er.. hi.. *cough sneeze splutter* i dont think i cant come in today”

    for these people, i prescribe the following:

    • However, there’s a fine line between brevity and clearly not giving a shit that one of your team members is sick. It’s a small team, so an ‘ok, get some rest’ would have been nice, rather than hearing the phone hanging up in my ear.

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