The PM’s mate?

What the fuck is with this headline: PM’s mate could soon add decorating to his plate.

What, has Tim Mathieson been brought in to impregnant her? Or are they just mates?

AUSTRALIA’S ”first bloke” could soon also become the country’s first home stylist, with a long-standing tradition involving the prime minister’s partner in the decoration of The Lodge and Kirribilli House.

Why is he going to be the first home stylist if other partners have done this role before him? I don’t understand. Is it because a female spouse would just be the woman who puts the house together by herself because her husband is Doing Important Work, but a male spouse who does the same thing is a ‘home stylist’?

But Tim Mathieson may have to keep a check on his interior decorating plans for a touch longer, with Julia Gillard refusing to confirm when she will leave her red-brick Melbourne home and move to the Prime Minister’s official residence in Canberra.

Am I reading a little too much into it, or is this a little mocking?

25 responses to “The PM’s mate?

  1. They’re (deliberately?) making their meaning murky – if they’re going to go the full Yankee hog, then it’s “First Bloke” and “First Home Stylist”- they are meant to be titles, not descriptions, that are attached to the Head of State’s spouse. Of course, the PM isn’t our HoS, that’s the Governor-General, so if any accuracy at all was the purpose here then our equivalent First Bloke is Quentin Bryce’s husband, not Julia Gillard’s partner.

    But I don’t think accuracy was at all the goal. It was mockery, because he’s run a hairdressing salon, and thus his masculinity must be suspect.

    Typical machismo-policing.

  2. I reckon the use of the word mate is just to get a rhyme in the headline more than making any major statement, but it is a waste of ink as an article – a pointless puff piece. I have to say, I love the simplicity and and dare I say it ‘suburban ugliness’ of Julia’s melbourne place – I liek how low key and uninvolved in such matters she is. I can imagine that she and Tim will have had a good laugh about the formal letter to him inviting him to decorate….I’m sure there is some staff that can do that. I suspect scatter cushions are low on the list of both their priorities.

  3. Sure it’s mocking and inaccurate and condescending and attempted bloody humour but it is australian journalism what do you expect.

  4. I dunno, I think I found an even stupider article

    (please excuse the shameless plug)

  5. Oh, well can I get in on it then?

  6. I love ice cream, I miss ice cream and its sugary creamy goodness.

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