Next in a series of posts that are ruining my career prospects

I criticise the SMH so much because it’s my newspaper of choice. I read it every morning. And I hold them to a high standard. But seriously? What the fuck is this: The new blonde bombshell of tennis: from Russia’s ‘toxic’ Barbie with love

Most tennis blondes would flick their ponytails in annoyance at anyone who made a comparison between them and Anna Kournikova, or who considered whether they had been inspired by Russia’s ‘toxic’ Barbie.

Firstly, the headline doesn’t even make sense because Caroline Wozniacki is Danish.

Secondly, “most tennis blondes would flick their ponytails in annoyance” is one of the most condescending things I’ve seen a journo write in a long time.

Thirdly, this:

Known in Denmark as the ‘Princess of Tennis’, she is plainly a better athlete and a more talented tennis player than Kournikova ever was, and if she beats Russia’s Vera Zvonareva today and then goes on to defeat Belgium’s Kim Clijsters or America’s Venus Williams in tomorrow evening’s final, she will have won something Kournikova never did – credibility.

Kournikova got very rich by being a tease, by never quite doing it on a tennis court.

And this:

Someone should tell Kournikova that tennis players can make obscene amounts of money just by winning tennis tournaments.

It’s from the Telegraph in London but there’s no byline on this pathetic, mean-spirited, narky piece of “journalism”.

You know, the more we give people rubbish like this (and wire copy), the less likely they are to pay for it once the media companies we work for throw pay walls up everywhere. And then what happens?

18 responses to “Next in a series of posts that are ruining my career prospects

  1. unbelievable…and they can not even come up with their own sexist bullshit; nice tactic, anonymous sexism.

    Really enjoying your blog.

  2. Total agree, why do they do it , who does this appeal to ? I used to read the SMH everyday, devoured it and over the last few years have noticed that it takes less and less time before I chuck it. Maybe the next generation teachers at the journos school will instil some pride in the job because the older newspaper people sure are letting the side down at the moment.

  3. Per Janine “anonymous sexism” sucks and suggests that the author of this snarkfest is female. There should be a Green Eyed Monster Award especially for those journalists that need to bitch about beautiful women to make themselves feel better.

    • Law and Shoes, that’s a different post altogether. Yes, some people (female and male) feel the need to snark at those they feel are better (more charming, more intelligent, more beautiful), but there’s also the argument that women who use sexist language seem to get further in male-dominated industries.

  4. At the risk of getting a stern talking to. Kournikova was absolutely hopeless at tennis and did become very well known because of her looks HOWEVER I would disagree that being attractive is of itself ‘being a tease’ or would the journalist only be satisfied if she followed through on the looks she was born with and had sex with any leering pervert who fancied her?
    I also take issue with the idea that it is a big deal that Wozniacki is both attractive and good at sport. Frankly there isn’t a female tennis player in the top 20 who isn’t physically attractive. Not to mention that looks and sporting ability are in no way related.

    • As @KristianStupid said on twitter yesterday: Oh, that’s geniusly shithouse… media promotes Kournikova as a sex-object then attacks her for being a rich sex-object.

      I would argue that Kournikova was very smart to use her tennis skills to get sponsorship deals that pay a hell of a lot more than a modelling contract (if someone was to argue that she’s just trading on her looks). Because let’s not forget, although she’s not the best player in the world, she’s still bloody good, which is why we know about her in the first place.

      But you’re spot on with the comment about sports people being attractive, in general. Mind you, I’m yet to read an article that spends more time talking about Eamon Sullivan’s appearance than his swimming skills.

  5. It is The Telegraph, so not much more can be expected. The British media is horrifically sexist when it comes to sport and, generally, only covers female sports/athletes when they fit into the media’s mould of “appropriate”, ie only sports where “girls” looks pretty and/or look pretty and win/try hard. This mostly consists of certain elements of tennis and athletics, otherwise female athletes tend to get ignored completely.

    Poor journalism feeding pathetic sexist couch pundits.

    As for Kournikova, fair enough she never won a major tournament, but Gabriella Sabatini didn’t do that brilliantly either and she wasn’t subjected to this degree of bile. She was a very good player who consistently reached the final stages of many tournaments, better than many others of her generation. I suspect her major crime was to appear somewhat indifferent, rather than acting “girly” and throwing tantrums. Graf was accused of much the same, but quieted her detractors by being a phenomenal player.

    Perhaps some of these journalists have watched “From Russia With Love” one time too many?

    • Hi Grumpy, welcome to the News with Nipples. And on top of what the individual athletes looks like, sport with “pretty, feminine” players always get more coverage than team sports that are “masculine” – ie, cricket teams, rugby teams.

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  7. That’s a bear baiting post headline???? PS they offered me the (Aussie) Tele free at Franklins the other day. I am still feeling guilty about the look of disgust that accompanied my vehement “No thanks, I dont read that” that I gave the poor check out girl.

  8. I am sure only those career prospects that are obvious. This excellent blog is most likely opening up bigger and better owns outside of this parochial existence we endure.

  9. To all that say Kournikova wasn’t good at tennis: were you ever in the top 8 in the world???? Absurd. She was enormously talented. A great athlete and a great player – just not the most exceptional of either in her time. She was the exceptional beauty, which, of course, is what she is known for.
    However, it’s a criticism of all but the top (what, top 7???) athletes in any sport to say Anna wasn’t good at tennis. She didn’t use tennis to get sponsorships. She used her beauty to get modeling jobs, and her talent to get sponsorships, and shockingly, those two often go together.

    • Hi BB, welcome to the News with Nipples. It amazes me that so many people put shit on Kournikova – I guess you’re only allowed one thing, so if someone is beautiful and an excellent tennis player, they’ve broken the rules and the jealousy comes out.

  10. Everyone is only allowed one skill, if they are lovely to look at, that’s it.
    Lucky me; I can wiggle my nose.
    Bugger I can’t do sports or math because of it!!

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