The future Dr Nips has a question

This blogging thing can be a bit unpredictable. After the awesome discussion two days ago about being a grown up, not a single person commented on yesterday’s post about International Day of the Girl. Hundreds of people read it, but not one comment. Strange.

Anyway, for today’s post, the future Dr Nips has a question for you. That is, I’ll be Dr Nips in the future, not a question from the future that has travelled back in time with the tenth Doctor in the TARDIS. (Because it would be with Ten, and not the whippersnappery Eleven. If I was going to travel with Eleven, I reckon Amy Pond and I would nick the TARDIS for a joyride while he was distracted by aliens.)

Ooh, can anyone say ‘easily distracted’?

I’m doing my doctorate. Very slowly as it turns out (see my previous sentence about being easily distracted). My supervisor has suggested I blog about my research. So, my question. For you. And new commenters very welcome. Should I blog about it here, or at a new place?

I like the idea of keeping the two things separate, but I know that many of my News with Nipples readers are academics, former academics and future academics. Maybe I should cross-post? What do you think?

26 responses to “The future Dr Nips has a question

  1. I’d read it wherever it’s posted. But I might not always comment 🙂 I read the International Day of the Girl post and signed the petition but you’d said everything I felt needed to be said – so that’s why I didn’t comment.

    • I second that. good post, worth a read but nothing personally to add. I too signed and read a few of the links. I was very upset about the female circumcision stats.

      • Also thinking more on this – it is about the style of your article. It presents facts and is informative rather than asking direct questions of the readers or raising points of debate/contention that people want to discusss. In this context, readers have little to add, but will enjoy receiving the information nevertheless. Short answer keep doing info blogs but don’t be too concerned if no one comments.

        • I wasn’t that concerned, just amused that one post can get so many comments and the next post get nothing, even though hundreds of people read it (yes, I am getting popular, and feeling a little bit chuffed about it!).

  2. What if you added a page at the top here at NWN dedicated to your research? I would certainly read it regardless of where you posted purely because I am nosy and just like reading interesting stuff. (and I am hopelessly geeky)

    I have two blogs, actually I have about 12 floating out there in the internets. And I rarely cross post as they all have/had very different purposes. (Most were personal/creative blogs that I have neglected over time for whatever reason. Remember Diaryland? My one there still exists- I had 4 there all for different reasons, but only one remains accessible. I was part of the migration to Live Journal, but kept deleting blogs, though I have one there still, I am fickle when it comes to blogging.)

    If you do create another blog, don;t forget to shamelessly whore it here so we can find it! (Redundant comment I know 😉 )

    PS> like Boganette I didn’t comment on yesterdays post as I felt you stated everything rather well. And I didn’t want to bring down the tone of the post in any way.

    • I thought about adding a research page, but I came up with such a great name for the new blog that I think I have to use it. And having a separate blog for my research will make it really obvious to everyone that I haven’t been doing any work – which should act as a cattle prod for me.

      And Pirra, you don’t bring down the tone around here. I can do that rather well myself.

      • Absolutely, you cannot let truly great blog names go to waste. I will read it no matter where it is. But maybe cross posting is a good idea for the lazy!

        Aw, that’s kinda sweet that you think I don’t lower the tone. Actually, Because I am a Girl is such an important issue I just felt commenting might detract from the seriousness and importance of it so I shut my big fat mouth for once.

  3. i was with boganette, i signed the petition and let your word leave their mark.

    blog here, I’m really to lazy to go anywhere else for your wisdom

    • Wisdom, eh? Better tell my parents that one – they think I’m just a directionless time-waster. Although, to be fair, there is some truth in that.

      My concern about simply posting here is that as long as there are regular posts, then it’s not obvious that I’m being slack. After all, it hasn’t worked so far. Maybe cross-posting is the way to go.

      • cross post.

        2 different purposes, 2 different blogs, potentially 2 sets of readers. if its linked reguilar readers here will access it and you will find new ones from your new blog title who dont necessarily want to read this feminism/media critique blog.

        ps good article in the Monthly by Emily Maquire on sex workers which shows what a conflicting issue it is for femininists and legislators alike.

  4. You have to do a whole different one, for the most important reason, that would require more setting up, more needing to move from one to the other and generally more work… which I assume is the point, procrastination right????

    I know everyone thinks they are the best when it comes to procrastination, but I really think that I am up there. Once I felt that after the house had been cleaned, the fridge cleaned, some gardening done! me, I mostly kills plants through neglect, some cooking, eating, more eating, then of course my nails needed work, you can’t study with a broken nail, deep cleansed my pores, then of course needed to get some sleep, you can’t study if you are tired. Promised myself that the next day I would get some work done….woke up (11amish) and felt that the thing I needed to do most was clean the fridge magnets… yes the little magnets on our fridge needed to come down, and be washed and dried before they could go back up.

    Sorry, got a bit carried away there (am procrastinating writing a report on employee engagement within my corporate division right now). But essentially 2 blogs is more work than one, and therefore a must!

    • April, I like the way you think.

      And now that you’ve mentioned it, my pores could do with some deep cleansing…

    • you’ve hit the nail on the head! more procrastination = win!

      two blogs. mainly because i want to know what the killer blog name you have decided on, is (poor english there.. tried to re-word.. gave up)

      id also like to comment that ManFriend should be well pleased with the fact that (one day) you will be a Dr.

      its every little boys dream!!

      p.s. what is the topic of your PhD?

      • I think he’ll be more pleased about the fact that there will be two incomes, rather than one and a bit…

        I’m looking at the experiences of journalism graduates in online-only newsrooms.

        • By the way phatmaniac, the doctor in your household will be a lot more useful than the doctor in this one. If you get broken, she’ll be able to stitch you back together, whereas I’ll just write an essay about it with reference to previous studies on being broken and Bourdieu’s concept of the public sphere.

  5. Post it here. Keeping up two blogs will send you batty (er). x

  6. Hi NWN

    The reason that I didn’t comment on yesterday’s post because it was about the Day. Making a comment wasn’t going to add to the message which was important, strong & self-explanatory. However, as you’ll notice, I did tweet a reference to the post (which was RTed) and signed the petition. Like Boganette I read all your posts even if I don’t comment on them.

    Yes – keep blogging here about your research.

  7. My 2c: same place! I am a big advocate of multi-topic blogging and if you already have an audience you can be trust that they are smart enough to deal with you writing about various topics (and being more formal in some, and swearing and ranting in others). If I like a blogger I often feel frustrated if they are maintaining two blogs, and ultimately one always falls by the wayside – not to mention you might feel the strain of running two blogs where running one always feels manageable.

  8. this is me not commenting. cause thats how I roll baby.

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