So true

This is why doing a doctorate is so difficult:

Asher Sarlin

From Asher Sarlin’s elephantitis of the mind.

16 responses to “So true

  1. Hahahahaha. This is so me today. (Minus the Doctorate.)

  2. I am so glad I did not discover Twitter until after my submission date.

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  4. Hahahha oh my goddess, this picture = story of my life right now.

  5. Shiny shiny Internet 🙂
    you could also replace ‘research paper’ with ‘work in general’

  6. I love this so freaking much right now.

  7. The right decision is “The Internet”, right?

    … right?

  8. Hahahaha so awesome.

  9. AWESOME!!

    i felt exactly like this before i submitted my Masters paper this year.. and come to think of it.. my undergrad Honours paper a decade ago..

    Its inspire me to write a haiku (an haiku?? hmm)

    shiny intarwebz
    i love your knowledge and porn

  10. Your blog is distracting and my Masters is due next week. I have no time for laughing. I have also come to believe the ‘you googled what’ page requires a warning not to read while eating lunch. kthxbai.

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