Snark never goes out of style

I understand that the celebrity machine runs on outfit criticism. I get that. Celebrities sell a fantasy and part of that fantasy is the clothes they wear. But this is just ridiculous: California girth: Katy Perry’s skin-tight silver dress clings in all the wrong places:

It could well be a trick of the light, combined with an unflattering outfit choice.

But the usually immaculate Katy Perry was looking a little curvier than usual during a concert in Budapest, Hungary, last night.

The 25-year-old star took to the stage in a skin-tight silver rubber dress, which clung in all the wrong places.

This is the outfit that is clinging so offensively in “all the wrong places”:

Katy Perry in the Daily Mail

Apparently a female singer has to dance around the stage without her dress moving. And “California girth”? Seriously?

There’s no byline on it, just “Daily Mail Reporter” – the good ol’ anonymous “staff writer/reporter” we use when we’re too ashamed to put our own name to what we’ve been asked to write. Or we’ve been asked to re-write a story that the competitor got and we didn’t. Or it’s a re-written media release.

I’m in my mid-thirties so I don’t look at a photo like this and think, ‘if she is offensively curvy then I’m fucking hideous’. But if you’re a young girl or guy, and surrounded by photoshopped images and constant body snarking, it would fuck with your head.

17 responses to “Snark never goes out of style

  1. Katy Perry, who I have no opinion about because I’m slow with the popular culture stuffs, is rocking that dress. Daily Mail can get stuffed. Are we not allowed to be shaped like humans anymore? What is it with wanting women to look like adolescent boys with melons strapped on our fronts? Any curves are now mad, bad wrong!!! Ughh!

    • Yes, I fail to see how it “clung in all the wrong places”. Looks perfectly fine to me. And wasn’t the Daily Mail declaring last week that “curves are back”? Sure, criticise the dress if you don’t like it, but no one has the right to criticise someone else’s body.

  2. Katy Perry is a slammin’ hotty. And that particular dress doesnt show off any “wrong” curves!

    I think you’re right Ms Nipples – it could seriously damage your noggin if you were being told that the way she looks is “unflattering”. Im not sure that its really any worse than when we were little though.. except that photoshop has got better

    • Yes, the photoshopping is “better” (in that everyone now looks like they’re androids with plastic pore-free skin), but I think there are more “perfect” images around now than when we were growing up.

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  4. Katy Perry irritates me so I avoid looking at her or listening to her.

    That said, nothing irritates me *more* than body snarking.

  5. I’m more concerned about the material. Rubber? She would’ve been sweating up a storm.

  6. But if you’re a young girl or guy, and surrounded by photoshopped images and constant body snarking, it would fuck with your head.

    You’re absolutely right. Is it just me, or is there a hell of a lot more of this kind of content now than there was 10-15 years ago (when I was a teenager)? Not that we didn’t feel shit about our bodies without it, but I don’t recall such ongoing, unescapable body snark.

    Maybe it’s just that we didn’t have easy access to the Daily Mail?

    For what it’s worth, the only time I’ve ever looked like Katy Perry does in that photograph was after sustained self-starvation.

    • Yeah, I feel like there is loads more of this stuff around now than when we were young(er). Perry’s music isn’t my cup of tea (ooh, a cup of tea would be lovely right now), but there’s no denying that she’s one of the biggest singers around at the moment, yet all the Daily Mail has to say about her performance is that they didn’t like her dress?

  7. OMG, Katy Perry is fat? WTF?

    The Daily Mail, revisiting High school and teaching us all how to call FAT CHICK without using the word fat. (Yeah, she’s popular, but she’s like so totally has like, curves. Did you see that fugly dress she was wearing? She had like Michelin tyre man rolls!!)


    I’m with Lissy,

    Katy Perry is totally rocking that dress.

    Next the Daily Mail will be telling me that Vita Don Teese is too curvy for burlesque…. The Daily Mail, dishing up routine doses of SNARK FAIL.

  8. hey, she is cute… why is she special again?

  9. the wrongness of those curves is making me want to jump the fence and date katy perry.
    so wrong they are right!
    Stupid reporter.

  10. I find my latex dress wrinkles up in exactly the same places. It drives me crazy as it spoils the line so. And yes it does make me sweat like crazy so Katy Perry would have been loosing a significant amount of weight wearing that dress under lights. I like the look of the silver dress very much and think the newspaper critic was just showing a bad case of envy.

  11. I loved her ‘Elmo’ T shirt…. and so did superdik. I also liked Russel Brand’s (her man) Sesame St comments about it! Mind you, I’m not a fan of the silver rubber frock personally – it looks a bit like tin foil scattered with hundreds of thousands….but all power to her, she does wear it well! This is not journalism.

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