When you’re losing, just call her a bitch

Because no one likes a woman who is mean and nasty.

So, we’re into week two of this nonsense. First Tony Abbott said he rejected Julia Gillard’s offer of a joint trip to Afghanistan because he didn’t want jetlag (Phillip Coorey has a good piece in the SMH today about what a pain in the arse these trips are). Then, embarrassed that people might think he is weak, Abbott went to Afghanistan to pose with guns, drag his knuckles on the ground, and accuse the PM of “low bastardry” because he used the “wrong words”. What a joke.

Last week, we didn’t learn a thing about the overseas trips taken by the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition. They were pretty important trips, but all we got here was news about how much sleep Gillard got, and that she ate some fries in Brussels while not wearing make up. Not a word in the mainstream media about what Gillard said to world leaders at the Asia-Europe Meeting, or about what Abbott said to the British Conservative Party conference. Those things are important. That the PM and Opposition Leader disagree is not.

And now Christopher Pyne has accused Gillard of “back alley bitchiness”, which is fucking disgraceful. A back alley bitch is a woman who gets off on sucking random dicks in dirty lanes. Pyne should get his arse kicked for this, but he won’t.

And of course, Abbott is doing his usual trick of saying something offensive and then, once it’s been reported and therefore in the minds of the public, he backs away from it and says ‘let’s all play nicely’.

This whole thing is being driven by the Coalition to deflect attention from the fact that they lied their arses off about their election costings. And the media has fallen for it, hook, line and sinker, because yet again, the MSM is failing to ask the hard questions. Or any real questions because they’re too caught up in thinking that this shit is important.

Update: When asked if she was involved in back alley bitchiness, Gillard said no. Yet the SMH has given it this headline – I am not being bitchy: Gillard – and made it the most important story on the website:

23 responses to “When you’re losing, just call her a bitch

  1. I wasn’t aware of that Urban Dictionary definition, but – wow. If anyone should apologise, it’s Pyne.

    Oh, and Brandis, too – after he called both Gillard and Phil Coorey liars on AM Agenda this morning.

    • Hi the consciencevote, welcome to the News with Nipples.

      I am so sick of journos simply reporting what politicians say, rather than reporting whether or not it’s true – anyone would think the journos are being paid by the MPs since they dutifully report without question.

      If I said the CEO likes to suck cocks in dirty lanes, I’d probably get fired. Pyne just gets his slur reported in the national media, and probably a pat on the back from Abbott.

  2. Im just completely shitty about the past two weeks of “reporting” on our political leaders.

    This is a fairly historic time in our political history and all we are getting is name-calling, press releases dolled up as news and zero facts or analysis of whats actually bloody important.

    Universe forbid (athiest version) that anyone grow a brain and start asking relevant questions, dont dare think twice before putting word for word backstaffer’s spin straight into your copy, who cares if you belligerently begin verbal abuse!

    Its ok.. you’ll only lose your job if you blog about it, not splash it on the front pages of our newspapers!


    • It’s just mind-bogglingly irrelevant. And yes, we all risk our jobs by blogging about it, because apparently employers can control what you say outside of work.

      In What are journalists for?, Jay Rosen talks about how political reporters get caught up in the politics, rather than remembering that their job is to inform their readers about the important stuff, which is why all election coverage now is about the horse race, rather than the policies. If news organisations want to survive the paywall, they’d better start remembering who the audience is.

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  4. I see two problems with this post:

    1) Tony Abbott had planned his trip to Afghanistan before Gillard’s, so the suggestion that he went there because he was embrassed by Gillard is false.

    2) I wasn’t aware of the meaning of ‘back alley bitch ‘. I don’t think that was quite what Pyne meant or intended to suggest. So that’s another non-story.

    • Hi Leon Bertrand, welcome to the News with Nipples.

      I have three problems with your comment:
      1) Tony Abbott said he had already planned a trip, but we know that we can’t believe what he says unless it’s written down.
      2) I didn’t suggest that Abbott went to Afghanistan because he was embarrassed. I suggested that he’s been blustering because he was embarrassed.
      3) Just because you were unaware of the meaning of “back alley bitch” doesn’t mean that Pyne is similarly unaware. And besides, even without knowing what the term means, calling a colleague a back alley bitch is way out of line.

  5. In response:

    1) Gillard does not deny that she knew that Abbbott had already booked a trip to Afghanistan, so we should believe Abbott. If you want to talk about dishonesty on the part of politicians, let’s talk about how Gillard continually stating that Abbott would re-introduce Workchoices, even though he had ruled out any changes to the Fair Work Act.

    2) When you write that “embarrassed that people might think he is weak, Abbott went to Afghanistan to pose with guns, “, that does suggest that his embarassment was his motivation for going to visit Afghanistan.

    3) The term “back alley bitch” is a fairly obscure term, as your commenters confirm with their saying that they, like I, did not know what it means. Besides, Pyne accused Gillard of bitchyness, he did not call her a bitch. Those are two entirely different things. Clearly Pyne then does deserve the benefit of the doubt.

    • Nah, sorry Leon Bertrand, just because a few people don’t know about the term “back alley bitch” doesn’t mean we can assume Pyne doesn’t know what it means. I hadn’t heard of “shilly shally” until Gillard used it a little while ago, but I don’t assume that others don’t know it.

      As to the points in your comment, this post is not a defence of Gillard. It is a dig at Abbott and the mainstream media. This is a feminist media blog, after all.

      For security reasons, Gillard and Abbott can’t mention their trips to Afghanistan until they are there, yet Abbott says Gillard didn’t mention his because she’s “Machiavellian”. That is dishonest. And it’s petty. And it’s name-calling.

    • 1) yesterday it was bastardry, today it is bitchiness. There are slight changes in syntax but essentially it is calling her a bastard and a bitch. To me, that is unnecessary even in fair dinkum Australiana political sledging terms.

      2) The journalist who wrote the initial story has said many times over that the leak did not come from Gillard’s office – this fact is central to the whole Machiavellian accusation made in what is in my opinion a very silly debate. Abbott did go and macho himself up as much as he possibly could because he gaffed (for whatever the reason) and can’t stand the idea of loosing an election, a debate, political ground or anything he perceives as competition. Everything is an iron man competition to him and I don’t need such petty dick-slinging in my politicians.

      oh and 3) the ongoing use of dot points and/or numbering is a a tad supercilious.

  6. As soon as someone calls me a bitch in an argument, I know that I have won. If they call me ‘ugly’ or ‘fat’ as well I know that I have pummelled them past the limits of endurance, civility and the ability to come up with a good rejoinder.

    Poor Tony. He doesn’t have anything to fall back on.

  7. *head desk*

    It’s like high school, only more pathetic.

  8. Is everyone here forgetting that in terms of dog metaphors, JG gives as good as she gets (if not better)?

    It was only about a year ago that she singled out Pyne himself, and called him a ‘mince poodle’ in parliament. The roar of laughter which followed and the wide media coverage ensured that Pyne was embarassed, if not humiliated by the label.

    No-one at the time suggested thet JG’s barb had been inappropropriate. After-all, politics is a ‘blood-sport’, and nasty words are often exchanged between pollies of different political parties.

    It seems a bit silly that the commenters here are now crying foul just because Pyne has accused Gillard of bitchyness, when that is probably less nasty than being called a ‘mince poodle’.

    • Actually, I think calling a colleague a mincing poodle is inappropriate. And yes, politics can get nasty, but that doesn’t mean personal attacks are ok.

    • Poodle isn’t just a word for a breed of dog.
      It also means : a person or organisation considered to be servile or obsequious.

      Gillards jibe was actually very clever and much less insulting than being called a back alley bitch.

      (OMG I cannot believe I am defending Gillard…what has the world come to?)

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