I had an hour to kill between tutes at uni yesterday and decided not to use the tutors room to check email, blog stats, twitter, and generally take advantage of the internet’s ability to suck time from your day (I swear it’s powered by lost hours and LOLcats). Instead of doing these things, I went and sat outside. And just sat. No book, no newspaper, no journal articles, no music.

I just sat.

Every now and then I noticed the students walking past, but mostly I didn’t.

In the evening I stood in the courtyard in the dark (as dark as it gets in the city – also, the outside light is busted) and tried to notice the different smells of the flowers on the lemon tree, sage and wisteria. (For the record, sage flowers aren’t very smelly and the neighbour’s cat has been using our patch of dirt as a toilet. I hate cats.)

Over the last few months I’ve had this nagging feeling that I haven’t had time to think. Not to think about anything in particular, just about whatever. Before I started my doctorate, I was underemployed – not enough hours in a job where I wasn’t learning anything new – and so had a lot of time to think about stuff. I know for many of you, this sounds like a luxury, but I guess you either have time to think or money to do stuff.

I don’t have any revelation to offer. No ‘from now on I’m doing this’ moment. I just wanted to talk about not doing anything, because not every conversation needs to be an Aesop’s fable, right?

18 responses to “Yesterday

  1. my (pregnancy) yoga teacher has suggested a pose for when we get home from work to just calm down and relax and breathe. It basically involves being on all fours and sticking my arse in the air . But she is right it is very relaxing and helps me just ‘be’ and empty my mind (always too full) from the day and have some quiet time. Sadly I never do it for long enough cos something or someone always comes and distracts me…like my man or my cat.

    I recommend sitting on all 4s with your arse up!

  2. Last time i had a moment to stop and stop thinking was my last trip to Hong Kong. Everything done, no one trying to contact me and no mail to answer. I didn’t need to be anywhere and didn’t need to sleep. i left my phone (rare moment) in my room and went up to the roof bar. On the balcony overlooking Hong Kong harbor at night with a very soft bourbon on the rocks i had one of those moments. Just to sit and suck up the universe the sounds, the smells and the lights without any distraction. I’m hoping for one of those moments again soon….

  3. im deeply disturbed by your cat hatred.

    and it is good just to rid yourself of stuff.. even if just for a moment!

  4. I often like to go sit out in my back yard, which is more like over-grown bush, and chill by my banksia 🙂

  5. Please do not hate cats. They are innocent, beautiful, intelligent, loving, loyal, funny, eccentric, cuddly, strong but fragile also creatures. There is SO MUCH CAT HATRED IN AUSTRALIA. The EVIL things people(most dog-lovers) do to cats in this country goes to show that most people are truly lower creatures than cats are.

    • Hi Keren, welcome to the News with Nipples. The reason I hate cats is because I am allergic to them. Which means I just avoid them.

      However, the damage cats cause to native wildlife is another story.

      • However, the damage cats cause to native wildlife is another story.

        Yes, yes, yes thank you.
        I’m allergic to cats too, but, I still don’t like them based on that alone. And people are stupid enough to let them outside (IMHO) which is just, ergh.

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