Introducing… The Hackademic

Geddit? I’m a journo and an academic.

Last month I asked you guys if I should start a new blog for my academic posts (you know, for my doctorate), or just post them here amid the nipples and the swearing. And while I do like the idea of keeping the two separate (so I seem more serious), quite a few academics know me as News with Nipples anyway, so why fight it?

There’s now a Hackademic page – see it there, up the top? – but the posts themselves will be here as normal and I’ll cut, paste and hyperlink on the new page. Unless someone knows a better way to do it?

4 responses to “Introducing… The Hackademic

  1. you were right!!! the Hackademic is an awesome name!

  2. If you have sufficient know-how and access to the back end of the blog (not sure how much custom code is giving these days), you can do something similar to this (except using a normal wordpress loop, limited to a hypothetical “hackademic” category).

    If that’s not possible, you should just be able to have your Hackademic page with the entire content being a redirect to the category archive of Hackademic. It’s messy, and might not work for some people though.

    First option also allows you to change how it displays, instead of just the boring old archive default (including the honking big “this is an archive” text)

    It’s entirely possible there’s a simpler way to do this – my code sometimes gets a bit Rube Goldberg-esque.

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