Today’s observations

We’ve got the painters in (cue smutty giggling). The owners are selling our home so they’re slapping on a coat of paint in the hope that some sucker will buy it without realising that it has a mould problem. And rotting floorboards. And when it rains the gutters funnel the water into the house. Anyway, the painters were in today (giggle) so I had to occupy myself outside of the house (that also sounds smutty).

This is what I noticed/thought about between journal articles in assorted cafes:

* When I had short hair, people assumed I was gay. When it grew a bit longer, men just stared at my boobs. Now that my hair is shoulder-length, men look at my face. After looking at my boobs. And then back to my boobs. (Not all men, of course. Just the kind who stares at boobs. I work with a few of them.)

* I’m not surprised that there are trends in pubic hair, but I am surprised that it only extends to removal. Why not colours? And don’t tell me it’s because no one wants dye that close to their sensitive bits – I’ve had my eyelashes tinted and it fucking stings.

* Expensive handbags are really fucking ugly. I’m looking at you, Gucci and Prada.

* Cons are now $90 a pair. That’s outrageous. I bought a pair of fake cons from Kmart. They’re identical and no doubt made in the same factory. They were $9 a pair. And not on sale. That is obscene on three counts: the mark-up of the official pair; that the price of cons has doubled since the 90s; and that if Kmart can sell a pair of sneakers at full price for $9, it shows how little the people who make them are paid.

* There’s something funny and endearing about a beefy boxer having a mani-pedi. He didn’t get colours though, just a shape and buff.

Oh, and this is hilarious:

22 responses to “Today’s observations

  1. Bags are just for putting things in. Expensive handbags are therefore overpriced things for putting things in.

    Expensive shoes are worth buying if they are works of art.

    That is all.

  2. I bought black spray-on hair dye once to do my pubes but just couldn’t go through with it. I was too lazy to do the prep work to prevent dying all the skin around them.

    Bags….arrggghh. Cheap ones are just that – cheap and expensive ones are beyond my ability to purchase even if I liked the ridiculous decorations and self promotion. I am glad that there are now so many ‘home-made style’ around to buy now. We can all have our own individual bags.

    When my hair has been short people think I am gay.

    Have only ever seen two men stare at my boobs in 48 years and that has been in the past year. Now the decolletage is wrinkling due to age I no longer take quite so much care to keep them out of the sun.

  3. i wasn’t even aware that you had a face

    *ducks for cover*

  4. When I had short spiked hair (often red) and a liking for baggy camo pants everyone thought I was gay, including my boyfriend and my father!

    Dad “Lexy….are you a lesbian?’
    Me: “no”
    Dad: “are you sure?”
    me: “pretty much, why do you ask?”
    Dad: “well you aren’t married, your hair is short and you are very left wing”


    Yesterday I thought, hmm I really need a black singlet top to wear under lower cut dresses (to stop men staring at my large pregnant boobs actually) and sure enough there was one in SES for $3. Awesome I thought, then 5 mins later I thought how do they get it so cheap …I realised this probably meant sweat shops and suffering children in Asia. I felt an excessive amount of decadent western guilt….yet I kept the $3 top…well I needed it and it was cheap after all.

    On the subject of handbags – you HAVE seen the plethora of horrendous Louis Vitton and Gucci bags my mother insists on buying me haven’t you – you know the ones I have confined to under the bed til she comes to visit!!

  5. I often despise designer things. Just because something is expensive doesn’t make it aesthetically pleasing. (I’m looking at you Pandora jewellery. I really hate that shit)

    Shoes however are something else entirely. It is certainly not unreasonable to pay in excess of $200 for a great pair of shoes, even if you have nothing in your wardrobe that goes with them and that if you were to actually wear them, have a high probability of rendering you crippled. (I might someday find the perfect the dress to go with my fabulous $250 Mollini’s, I might not.)

    So if I cut my hair men will stop talking to my chest? If only I wasn’t quite so vain…..

    • Oh, those Pandora things are so ugly!

      I paid $225 for an amazing pair of cowboy boots, that I’ve now had for 7 years and wear at least once a week. They’ve lasted years longer than the pair of fakes ones I got for $90.

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