Holy shitballs, Batman

It’s November already. How the hell did this happen? Everyone likes to complain about time speeding up as you get older, but I know for a fact that it’s true. My Dad said so. He’s got this great theory, ahem, thing that is true: When you’re four, a year is a quarter of your life, so of course it feels like it goes on forever. But when you’re 40, a year is only 1/40th of your life, which is why they get quicker and quicker.

You know it makes sense.

Anyway, since it’s a new month, I want to welcome the 10 new subscribers who arrived in September and October. Welcome, new subscribers! And welcome also to the new commenters who’ve joined in over the last two months. News with Nipples is getting to be quite a chatty little place.

And, finally, a little plug for me: I’ll be speaking at the Emerging Writers’ Festival (mini version) at the NSW Writers’ Centre on Sunday. There are loads of great writers speaking – Emily Maguire, Mark Mordue, Antony Lowenstein, Elmo Keep and Kathryn Elliott. And me. Hecklers welcome.

5 responses to “Holy shitballs, Batman

  1. hey dude.. thats the theory ive been expounding for yeeeeeeeeears!!!

    and i reckon there has to be some semblance of truth in it!

    • Nah, I’ve told you it before. It’s my Dad’s theory. He also likes to say that nature makes teenagers revolting so you don’t miss them too much when they move out, but that was from Hey Dad.

  2. The year as a ratio theory is one I’ve had for a few years too.

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