Being a grown up on the internet

Since I’ve been nominated for two Wonkley Awards, and I spoke at the Emerging Writers’ Festival roadshow, I figured I should probably be a little more professional about this blogging thing.

So, I am now

It feels very grown up.

And now, to the Wonkleys. I’ve been nominated for Best Amateur Political Blog and Best Amateur Political Blogger, which is more than a little bit ace:

2010 Wonkley Awards

If you like The News with Nipples, head over to The Notion Factory and vote for it. I can’t promise that I’ll post nude photos of myself if I win (sorry dog3oy) but I will do something special.

Voting closes December 12.

6 responses to “Being a grown up on the internet

  1. One day… one day…

    I still voted even though there was a category “Best Australian Politician on Twitter” like a real Australian politician would be allowed to release their personal opinion without someone clearing it first…

    trippy cool if you won an award…

  2. Congrats on becoming a dot com! I recently did as well. And I voted for you – because you’re awesome.

  3. I voted for Janet Albrechtsen…was that wrong of me?

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